The replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Missouri and other states are also known as the Little Sisters of Liberty

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Replica of the Statue of Liberty, Butler, Bates County, Missouri.Photographer: William Fischer, Jr. (Apr. 2016),

The above replica of the Statue of Liberty is in Butler, Missouri in front of Butler Elementary School. It was erected in 1951 by the Boy Scouts of America. There are others in Missouri including locations not far from where I live.

The 40th year celebration of the Boy Scouts of America

In celebration of the Boy Scouts of America's 40th year in 1950, they came up with a theme--Strengthen the Arm of Liberty. Each statue is a Little Sister of Liberty.

In February 1950, they held a ceremony at the base of the Statue of Liberty setting off the campaign. There are about 200 replicas of the Statue of Liberty in the United States.
Replica of the Statue of Liberty marker.Photographer: William Fischer, Jr. (Apr. 2016),
On May 27, 1950, nearly 1,000 Boy Scouts marched through downtown Cheyenne, Wyo., on their way to the state capitol grounds to dedicate an eight-foot-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty. (Source.)

A local Kansas City businessman, Jack P. Whitaker, who was also a local Boy Scout council commissioner, began this project when he saw one being dedicated in Spirit Lake, Iowa. It was made of concrete and chicken wire. Whitaker paid $3,500 for an original mold to be made. A Chicago business, Friedley-Voschardt Company, then made stamped-copper replicas. Each statue had a wooden frame on the inside and over 40 sheets of copper which were about as thick as a nickel.

The statues were sold to the Scout troops for $300-350. The Scout troops would give them to cities or towns in 39 states and also to Guam, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, and the Phillippines. The communities receiving the replicas would provide pedestals that made the statue even taller.

Over time, some of the statues started to suffer from the effects of the weather. Some were damaged due to vandalism. Some recipients restored the statues and some didn't.

That all changed, starting in 1998, thanks to Troop 101 of Cheyenne, Wyo., chartered to the Cheyenne Lions Club. The troop launched a national treasure hunt to locate the remaining statues and restore interest in the original project. (Source.)

According to the Liberty Sisters website, there are 24 other statues in Missouri. Click here to see if your state is listed.

The replicas of the Statue of Liberty are to serve as a reminder to us all of the cost of freedom.

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