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Lost Canyon Cave's Bat Bar and Sink Hole at the Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, Missouri

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Correction: Title previously read "Ridgevale" and was corrected to "Ridgedale."

The Bat Bar in Lost Canyon Cave.Source: Twitter.

Bat Bar

No, it's not Batman's private bar. Could you go inside a cave and count bats while consuming your favorite adult beverage? Interestingly enough, this bar is inside a cave known as Lost Canyon Cave.

The Top of the Rock Lost Canyon Cave® has been described as a fun experience. The adventure includes riding in an electric cart that holds up to four people. The 2.5-mile journey goes over bridges and streams. Eventually, the trail you're on goes into the Lost Canyon Cave. Then, you see the Bat Bar that was built in 2014.

Inside the cave is a natural waterfall, and let's not forget to watch out for bats (if there are any). Once you're at the bar, you pull up your cart and order your drink. You can't leave your cart but you can continue along the pathway.

Here, you can see the cart on the path in the cave.Source: explorebranson.com
Experience something unforgettable as you trek two-and-a-half miles on an electric cart along the Top of the Rock Lost Canyon Cave & Nature Trail. This attraction features the signature creativity and attention to detail Bass Pro Shops and Big Cedar Lodge founder Jonny Morris is known for creating. (Source.)

As you travel along the trail in your cart, you'll see wonderful views of the Ozark Mountains and waterfalls. You'll see both natural and man-made rock formations. Remember, if you're feeling thirsty, make a stop at the Lost Canyon Cave's Bat Bar and sample some signature drink options.

The sinkhole at the Top of the Rock

In May 2015, Branson Tri-Lake News reported on the sinkhole.

Top of the Rock broke its early morning hours with a new hole in its practice range: a 80-foot-wide sinkhole appeared, with a few smaller ones appearing around it. (Source.)

Fortunately, no one was near the site when it occurred. It's been named Cathedral of Nature™ and according to bigcedar.com, 108,000 loads of rock and dirt were removed by excavation crews. Originally, the depth of the hole was 40 feet deep and now it's 200 feet. The width of the hole was originally 70 feet and is now 350 feet.

Top of the Rock ' The Sinkhole' Photo credit Tom Smith.Pinterest.

Of course, due to excavation, the sinkhole pictured above is now larger. In March 2022, The Springfield Business Journal reported there are several projects going on at the Top of the Rock and that the sinkhole is still being worked on. There might be a connection with undiscovered caverns. Below is a 2016 NBC News video that reported on the sinkhole and what the property owner, Johnny Morris, plans to do. While the video is older, it provides more visuals of the sinkhole.

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