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Built in 1900 by the wealthy John Cruikshank, the above-pictured Rockcliffe Mansion in Hannibal, Missouri was purchased in 2010 by Warren Bittner and Juan Jose Ruiz-Bello of Miami, Florida.

When Cruikshank died in 1924, his wife moved next door to her daughter's home. After that, the mansion began to deteriorate. One can imagine what the mansion began to look like decade after decade. It came to be known as the haunted house on the hill. Old dilapidated buildings always look scary.

The mansion has been restored and visitors can tour it, and if you're not afraid of ghosts, you can spend the night. Some say they feel something there.

Many people love to hear a good ghost story. When it comes to actual paranormal activity, though, that's when they might take a pause from listening. Missouri isn't short of places to go check out the paranormal action.

Mark Twain's hometown

When Missourians hear the name Hannibal in Missouri, they think about Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens ) since it was his hometown. If you're a Twain fan, you know he authored The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in 1876, and The Adventures of Huck Finn in 1884. You can see his boyhood home and museum, or you can go on the Hannibal Haunted Ghost Tour.

Mansions on Millionaire's Row

Hannibal was founded in 1819, over 200 years ago, and sits close to the Mississippi River. There were 17,271 people in Hannibal in 2020 according to the U.S. Census. As small as it is, it has a reputation in history bringing us people like author Mark Twain as well as it used to be an area home to six Native American tribes. Hannibal also carries stories about ghosts still being present in the homes and businesses that are old.

Do the buildings on this street in Hannibal look like they could be haunted?Photo by: Andrew Balet, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.

Allegedly, there are ghosts in the mansions on what is labeled Millionaires' Row. The Admiral Fuqua House on Millionaires' Row was built in 1879. It is also an airbnb property. The images of the inside of this property are amazing with historical attributes.

This Italianate style mansion built in 1879 is still graced with its original wood mouldings, stone hearths and twisting grand staircase. You can literally feel Hannibal’s history within this spacious 4 BR home while enjoying modern conveniences. (Source.)

If you go on the ghost tour, you'll hear about the ghosts that linger in the mansions on Millionaires' Row. You'll also learn about the buildings on Main Street that are allegedly haunted. As you listen to the traditional stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, you'll wonder if they are true. You might think you're unsure whether you even want to find out.

Old Baptist Cemetery of the graves of slaves and Civil War soldiers

Also part of the ghost tour is the Old Baptist Cemetery. You can take a walk around the graves to investigate any signs of paranormal activity.

Old Baptist Cemetery.Source.

The cemetery was founded in 1837 and is the oldest cemetery in Hannibal. It's also supposed to be the most haunted. It's no longer in use but is shown on the tour. Interestingly, Mark Twain's father was buried there and later removed to be buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery where his mother and siblings are buried. His brother, Benjamin, who died at age 10 in 1847, was buried at Hannibal City Cemetery. Due to the building on top of the cemetery, some say this area is haunted.

[Hannibal City Cemetery] was desecrated by the illegal building of homes over the cemetery. Many of the bodies were never removed from this cemetery. Proof of this is the discovery of a body found in 2007 by boys playing in the area. The Hannibal Police Department sent the body to Texas for examination and it was found to have been a white european male who had died in the 1800's. Some say the cemetery is haunted with ghosts being seen of those buried there. Some have seen Indians running around that location late at night. (Source.)

The old jail and police station

Hannibal's old jail and police station were constructed between 1878-and 1879. From its outward appearance, you could speculate the validity of whether paranormal activity occurs here. It's both historical and eerie. In 1979, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Allegedly, originally it wasn't thought that the jail was haunted, but in more recent years, people who have visited the jail have taken pictures of windows that show faces or other apparitions.

Hannibal's old jail and police station.Photo by Sa magnuson33, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

According to GhostQuest.net, you should never visit a location alone without letting someone know where you are going. Its Safety Disclaimer ends almost humorously although probably not intended, with Please do not become the subject of my next ghost story. GhostQuest has a haunted locations database with 6,210 haunted locations documented and over 13,000 indexed locations.

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