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History of the Belvoir Winery and Inn that once was the Odd Fellows Home in Liberty, Missouri still said to be haunted

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Wedding and event venue of historic Odd Fellows Home

The Belvoir Winery and Inn is located in what used to be the Odd Fellows Home in Liberty, Missouri. It's part of a complex that goes back to the early 1900s. Naturally, the architecture of this venue is inviting and includes overnight rooms. It is open every day for wine tasting at no cost and visitors can see a piece of history. A full history of the area is offered on its website.

Ceremonies can be held anywhere on the 170 acres on site. Whether it's in the Italian marble gazebo, the vineyard, or under the trees, we provide the perfect place for you to exchange vows and begin your new life together. (Source.)

The Inn at the winery offers nine rooms for your family and friends for your wedding preparation in remarkable taste. Stepping into the inn is walking into a place in history.

Strange Escapes weekend

During the weekend of June 24-26, 2022, a Strange Escapes event is planned for a paranormal experience at Belvoir Winery and Inn. Strange Escapes founder, Amy Bruni, is an investigator and historian of the show Ghost Hunters. Strange Escapes holds events that include investigations of locations of haunted venues. You could have the opportunity to explore and investigate an old orphanage and cemetery among other things at one location.

Missouri Odd Fellows complex from the 1900s is said to be haunted

The historic Odd Fellows Home District of 1900 began from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows founded by Thomas Wildey in Baltimore, Maryland in 1819. The Odd Fellows was a religious and politically independent fraternal order. Buildings were constructed on what was originally a 240-acre farm in Liberty, Missouri. The district was like a community that supported its members. Today, it is the home of the Belvoir Winery and Inn providing a luxury venue for wedding events.

Of all the historical buildings, only three remain--the administration building that used to be an orphanage, the hospital, and what was a home for old folks. An orphanage used to be in one of the buildings. Do visitors really experience unexplained supernatural phenomena here? Apparently, this historic area is known for its hauntings, and the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters have filmed one of its episodes here ("Oddfellows Asylum" in 2015).

Allegedly, a lot of the nearly 600 people who are buried in the cemetery on the site may still be around haunting the buildings. There have been ghost sightings of orphan children. People hear noises or voices. Doors open and close. What's really unsettling is reading about the owner's account of seeing a young boy by the fireplace on several occasions.

The old hospital on the property that was constructed in 1923 is supposed to be the most haunted. What used to be the only hospital in Liberty for years, the hospital just became outdated. In 1955, a nursing home was built. The hospital opened to non-members of the Order at a cost.

Another professional group of paranormal investigators known CREEPZ has discovered evidence of activity. Unusual things have occurred during explorations. In the administration building that used to be the orphanage, "meters went crazy when investigators sang 'Mary Had a Little Lamb.'"

Of course, I imagine that if any of us went into a building that was allegedly haunted, we, too, would have the feeling that someone was watching us. This is why I don't go into these types of buildings.

Folks online share their own ghost stories, such as a couple staying in Room 7. They encountered the sounds of someone in their bathroom all night, with an occasional flickering of lights. Other guests speak of the image of a female teacher. Her hair is pulled back tight and her clothes are not from this time period. (Source.)

The below YouTube video of three years ago is the Travel Channel's Kindred Spirits' investigation of the haunted winery featuring hosts and executive producers, Ami Bruni and Adam Berry (both also from Ghost Hunters). They are also paranormal investigators Don't watch it alone.

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