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The disturbing story of the Kansas City mother who murdered her child

CJ Coombs

The crime scene at 7300 block on Indiana Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.The New York Post via Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

Note to reader: This story is disturbing and involves the crime of a mother against her child.

This story wasn’t only in the local news. It also made it to the New York Post. I know there are disturbing crimes that often occur in other cities, but outside of watching a homicide crime count go up in Kansas City, it's always disturbing and emotional when it involves a child.

On February 15, 2022, a 35-year-old mother, Tasha Haefs, was reported to have allegedly decapitated her son who was only 6 years old. She also allegedly killed their dog. It was reported that when police arrived, she “was heard singing loudly.” The police arrived to a bloody crime scene.

Haefs was charged with first-degree murder. Shortly before midnight, she had called 911 for help reportedly saying that “the devil was trying to attack her.” When the police did arrive, they noticed what was believed to be blood close the entranceway of the house and her singing was heard. They knocked on the door and she started singing louder as the knocking got louder.

Tasha HaefsSource: New York Post via Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

When one of the officers looked through a window, a severed head was seen. The child was identified as Karvel Stevens. The police ultimately entered the house through the back door. They saw Haefs and she reportedly had blood on her feet and legs. There were also a wound on her thigh and cuts on her hands.

Three children lived at the home, but no other children other than the deceased were there. Haefs admitted to killing her son.

‘The community now knows some of the terrible details of the death of this 6-year-old child. It takes our breath away,’ Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said in a statement. Source.

This type of news affects an immediate neighborhood and surrounding city. This affects any parent. When a defenseless human being is murdered, there just are no words and there's a lot of sadness.

‘This child’s death is a call for something more. Our community must heed the call. Law enforcement, prosecutors, public health officials, social service providers, all of our many partners must work together to address the violence. Strong collaborations are needed to lean into this difficult challenge, and better protect our community’s most vulnerable population, our kids,’ the prosecutor added. Source.

Mayor Quinton Lucas said reported to say in a tweet:

‘We don’t yet know why an elementary school aged child was killed this morning, but we understand the pain a family, school, and community are facing. Source.

On February 24, 2022, Haefs was to appear in a virtual hearing from the Jackson County Detention Center. She appeared at a rescheduled virtual hearing in the afternoon. Haefs is waiting to be mentally evaluated and currently has no chance of bond.

Haefs is also accused of decapitating a dog that was in the home. The crime scene was at the 7300 block of Indiana Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to court records, when the police arrived, they had to force their way into the home. They also saw two knives inside the crime scene.

Haefs has a public defender who waived a bond review. A mental evaluation is being sought to determine if Haefs is competent to participate in court proceedings.

On April 15, a case management conference has been scheduled in Division 1 of the Kansas City Criminal and Traffic Court at 1315 Locust in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jackson County Prosecutor Baker said, "Because she was in such extreme mental distress, she did a series of things that were very disturbing.” The prosecutors had requested that Haefs be held with no bond.

This story makes you want to embrace all the children in your family.

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