Vegans get to have it their way soon at selected testing locations

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The meatless burger is now being testing in the U.S. at select locations.Giorgi Iremadze/Unsplash.

According to Eat This, Not That!, McDonald’s is finally bringing a sampling of its burger that is plant-based to the United States. This burger has been tested in countries in Europe before proceeding domestically.

McDonald’s has been working with a company called Beyond Meat to produce this product which might eventually cross over into other sandwiches sold by this restaurant. The testing of this new product is supposed to begin on November 3, 2021. The sandwich will be creatively called the McPlant. It will begin in only eight locations in Texas, Iowa, Louisiana, and California. If it’s a success, watch it spread.

The McPlant could become a viable product for this popular franchise especially for customers who have given up consuming red meat products, or for serious vegetarians. The version of this sandwich that was sold in the United Kingdom was vegan including vegan sauce and cheese, but when it begins in the United States, it will include non-vegan cheese and mayonnaise.

The new sandwich remains the same but for the meatless patty. The patty produced by Beyond Meat will have ingredients including peas, rice, and potatoes. Consumers had their first sampling of this new patty in the United Kingdom and Ireland and will reach four other countries in Europe.

This was a necessary change for this ever-popular food chain because two of its competitors already had plant-based items on their menu. If it’s successful, it could be a huge moneymaker for Beyond Meat, which already produces plant-based products for other popular venues.

For vegans everywhere, you get a chance soon in the selected testing locations to have it your way.

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