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Get to know Abdullah Hammoud, a mayor on a mission to serve Dearborn residents

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There is a new era in Dearborn.

Dearborn's charismatic new mayor is promising to bring new ideas and a fresh set of eyes to a struggling city. However, he refuses to let cynicism stop him from helping the city he calls home.

The people of Dearborn spoke loudly. They want change and bold leadership to tackle the challenges we face. - Abdullah Hammoud

Who is Abdullah Hammoud?

Abdullah earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Michigan–Dearborn, a Master of Public Health in epidemiology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and an MBA from the University of Michigan-Ross.

He is the son of immigrant parents who believed in a tolerant America, a place where your religion shouldn't be a barrier to success. They believed America was a land of opportunity, and this year their 31-year-old son Abdullah H. Hammoud proved them right.

"To the young girls and boys who have ever been ridiculed for their faith or ethnicity, to those of you who were ever made to feel that their names were unwelcome, and to our parents and to our elders and to others who were humiliated for their broken English and yet still persisted, today is proof that you are as American as anyone else." -Abdullah H. Hammoud

Abdullah H. Hammoud is not naïve. He knows his story is part of the larger American story. His story started when his father, a truck driver, and his mother, who didn't complete her high school education, believed this country offers their family an opportunity and a challenge.

It is an opportunity to create a better life for their kids and a challenge to make sure that their kids understand and honor their parent's sacrifices. And, no one understands this challenge more than Abdullah, who is honoring his parents and his older brother Ali, who passed away in 2015, an event that made him reevaluate the purpose of his life. So, he became an advocate for his community.

In 2017, after taking the oath of office to serve in the Michigan House of Representatives, he said, "The loss of my older brother was the reason I ran for office, solely almost. One of the largest reasons," Abdullah said. "It was like how can I carry on his legacy? And it was to be an advocate for my community the same way he was an advocate for me."

He also understands the opportunity to serve. He reflects on his journey by saying, "I wanted to come across like I'm just Abdullah from Dearborn and all I want to do is fight back for this community that gave my family and me everything."

While serving his district in Lansing, he was recognized as an economic development champion for work in support of small businesses. His other focus was increasing access to quality healthcare and protecting the environment.

He is married to Dr. Fatima Beydoun, a frontline hero at a local health system.

Why does it matter?

The City of Dearborn is governed by a Mayor and seven-member City Council. It has a strong mayor form of government, meaning the mayor runs the city operation.

He is a practical approach to government that places people first.

So, Abdullah Hammoud will be able to make a difference by lowering property taxes, guiding the city's economic recovery, and enhancing the city's services. He promised on the camping trail, "To maintain Dearborn's current budget without increasing property taxes while ensuring that city services and long-term infrastructure projects are funded."

He started his first day in office by quoting late Congressman John Dingell's last address.

"Elected officials do not have power. They hold power — in trust for the people who elected them.”

Abdullah Hammoud will hold this power for the coming four years, and I pray for his success.

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