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These two Southfield restaurants had the lowest health inspection ratings last month

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The Health Department of Oakland County conducts routine inspections on every food facility in the county.

These inspections are to ensure that restaurants are following safe food handling procedures. In addition, county inspectors want to ensure that safeguards are in place to protect the food from contamination and consumers from foodborne illness.

Here are the reports of two restaurants that show a lot of safety violations that can make consumers sick.

Exquisite Eats Bistro

Exquisite Eats Bistro, located at 24030 W 10 Mile Road, had ten violations.

Most inspectors have a useful handwashing habit. They wash their hands as soon as they walk into any food facility. They do that for three reasons. First, they want to make sure that hand sinks are accessible, have hot water, and have soap and paper towels.

However, when the county inspector attempted to wash his hands at Exquisite Eats Bistro, the inspector recognized that hand sinks had no hot water, making handwashing impossible.

Raw shell eggs were stored over ready-to-eat food items. This is a dangerous practice because it can lead to cross-contamination, a leading factor for foodborne illness.

Employees also weren't trained, and that was obvious because most coolers needed to be cleaned, light fixtures lacked protective shields, the floor had food debris build-up, and walls behind the deep fryers had fat, oil, and grease build-up as well.

1000 Westside Deli

The last inspection of 1000 Westside Deli at 1000 Town Center revealed six violations.

There was no paper towel or air dryers at hand sinks in the restrooms, and in other locations inside the facility, hand sinks weren't accessible. This is a critical violation because inspectors want to ensure that servers and kitchen staff are washing their hands properly.

Most of these violations could have been avoided had the staff paid attention to basic food safety rules. For example, employees were using non-approved insecticide inside the restaurant, which can leave a residue that can be very toxic to consumers, also shows that the facility might have an issue with pests.

The inspector also observed many unlabeled chemical bottles, which can cause unintentional chemical poisoning if these bottles are used improperly.

Other violations include food stored on the floor and dirty floor surfaces.

Final thoughts

In my experience, these reports could result from bad timing or inexperienced employees making errors that skilled individuals won't make. However, the restaurant manager's responsibility is to keep the restaurant clean and safe.

The reports generated by these inspections are available online so consumers can make informed choices about where to eat.

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