Crafting a Buyer Persona for Winning Cold Calls

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Soon enough, we’ll be enjoying the start of 2023, and for most businesses, that means analyzing the success of past strategies and revamping them for better performance. 

In B2B and B2C worlds, brands should not only consider how to improve the customer experience but also how to communicate properly across different channels.

For example, cold calling, though not a favorite approach, is a tried and tested method for customer acquisition. But it requires finesse and ongoing refinement to make sure you’re not pestering people but actually reaching out to potential customers who will benefit from what you have to offer.

If you’d like to improve your cold calling strategy for 2023, then you need to craft effective buyer personas — so let’s dive right into what you can do to accomplish this goal!

Optimize your entire sales funnel

Is your website informative and helpful? Can your prospects find out what they need on your social channels? What about your newsletter and ads? Aligning your marketing and sales messaging means that you’ll build a far more effective sales funnel in the process, too.

Why this matters: optimizing your sales funnel by taking the right creative steps will help you bring more well-informed customers to your sales calls. When they pick up the phone, they’ll either be familiar with your brand and less likely to turn you down immediately, or they’ll have various options to find out what they need in order to make the right decision.

One simple yet brilliant way to improve your sales funnel is to start creating videos that you can use as demos for cold calls, but also as your website content to help people get to know your business. 

When people don’t have time for that one-on-one chat with you, a video demo will give them the info they want. And, you’ll be able to convert the right customers faster, while learning who isn’t a good fit, thus adapting your buyer persona. In time, you’ll know exactly who to reach out to.

Try using psychographics

Learning about the demographics of your market is certainly helpful. However, now that we’re quickly turning towards greater personalization across all fronts, it’s wise to also consider using another concept, called psychographics

Think of it as a collection of traits and qualities your buyer personas possess that go well beyond their typical demographic characteristics like age, location, education, gender, and income range. Instead, psychographics gives you a deeper insight into the mind and preferences of your buyers.

Create the psychographics of your audience to better understand their journey and, of course, to know whom you are speaking with when you’re on the phone trying to reach them when cold calling. 

Focus on meaningful conversations

Are your sales agents still focused primarily on making as many calls as possible during the day? If that’s the case, chances are that they’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work instead of focusing on building relationships and nurturing the right leads across a range of channels. 

For your sales team to focus on selling, they can benefit from getting additional sales support in the form of a virtual assistant to take over a portion of their more repetitive work. 

While assistants take care of the time-consuming paperwork that goes into the sales process, your salespeople can actually use the collected data and focus on making fewer but more meaningful calls, connecting with people who will need your services.

Leverage your social media analytics

To further strengthen the knowledge you have of your customers, don’t neglect the information you can collect on social media. You can even create a dedicated social media persona and use that overview to back up your complete buyer persona profile. 

With this information, you can create more personalized messaging for each cold call your agents make. And as we know, more personalized conversations have more potential to convert.

Learn about your competitors 

Last, but not least, building a better buyer persona means you also need to understand the competitive environment in which your brand will interact with your prospects. What do your competitors have to offer? What makes you a better opportunity for your customers?

It’s often not enough to just list out impressive features on a cold call. You also need to help minimize your customer’s effort to make the right choice. By giving them a clear overview of how you’re better than your competition, you’ll shorten the time they’ll need to do their own research. 

In a sense, by educating your sales team on how your competitors operate, you can position your brand better and leverage such information on cold calls to help customers decide.

Over to you

Crafting a buyer persona is not your typical “set it and forget it” type of process. As your ideal customers’ needs and preferences change, their behaviors will affect your brand’s position in the market. All these changes will also impact how effective your cold outreach will be. Knowing that, it’s wise to start 2023 with a fresh take on your buyer persona profile, and slowly start using it to fuel your cold-calling efforts.

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