Should You Apply for Different Positions at the Same Company?

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Applying for different positions at the same company might not be as common as you thought, yet it is possible to do so. There are plenty of people who would be a good fit for two or more positions, but not many would fit them perfectly. This is where the problem arises - the company management is not looking for good fits, they are looking for perfect fits - thus, you might not even get invited for a preliminary interview if you apply for both.

Do not despair, however! If the positions you are applying for are closely related, you might get considered for either one of them. Tailoring your resume to help you out with that is a good idea if that is the case. It will not only show that you are interested in working for a specific company but also that you took special effort and care to let the management know so. It might even give you some “bonus points” as well and land an employment contract easier.

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Apply for Different Positions at the Same Company

Some people believe that their chances of landing a job at a company would be higher by applying for different positions there. This is not necessarily true for several reasons:

  • Hiring managers make the final cut. People who evaluate and eventually decide which candidates to hire for which positions are called hiring managers. They will definitely notice that the same candidate applied for two or more different positions and they will check for any inconsistencies in their applications. Thus, for some positions at certain companies, it might be a better choice to opt for one position only.
  • You might leave the impression that you just need a job badly. This is never a good thing when applying for a job at a company. If the positions are similar and you know you are an expert at both (for instance, writing and editing), you could apply for both. But applying for the position of a programmer and an artist for the same company might not be a good idea.
  • You might come off as forceful/pushy. The last thing you need before you even get the chance to have an interview for a company position is to come off as forceful or pushy. While confidence is good, forcefulness is not. You might want to apply for something that suits you the best and let the hiring managers do the rest of the work after you submit your application.

These are the strongest reasons why applying for several different job positions might not be as good as you might have thought.

However, if you decide that two or more positions in the same company suit you, then it might be a really good idea to tailor your CV/Resume and your Cover Letter to better fit the positions you are interested in. This will not only show that you are genuinely interested in multiple positions, but you will also get the chance to prove that you are actually a good fit for all of them.

Your Cover Letter is the key here - there, you should explain why you believe that you are a good candidate, showcase your skills and abilities, as well as prove that you know what exactly you are applying for and that you would know your way around.

Pros of Applying for Different Positions at the Same Company

Naturally, there are pros and cons to applying for different positions at the same company. While taking a shot at two different positions might not be as good at the first glance, it definitely has some pros as well. For instance:

  1. It showcases your range of skills and abilities. The more skillful you are, the better it might be for a company to hire you for an open job position. Having various skills shows that you are a good learner and that you know how to implement what you learned. It is never a bad idea to showcase how good you are.

    If you are still working on improving your skills, you might consider mentioning any course or training you are enrolled on. For example, if you are applying for a digital marketer position, it can benefit your application to mention that you have completed a marketing apprenticeship program. It will help HR understand that you are actively working on strengthening your portfolio.
  2. You might stand out. Some hiring managers love highly-talented potential candidates and this might get your name “out there” easily. The Applicant Tracking System will surely pop your name out for the recruiters and hiring managers to consider for a job position. To emphasize your dual skills, you might create a business card to present in your interview that identifies you as a “statistician/analyst” or “digital marketer/SEO specialist.” When it’s in print, it conveys more credibility.
  3. It can establish your salary range. If a company has many job openings and your skills in two areas are in the mid-career range, the positions for which you apply can show hiring managers that you are a seasoned earner. This will keep them from offering you lower-salaried, junior positions. If you’re not sure what the salary range is for a role you seek (for example, if you’ve moved from one state to another), research salaries for that position and region online.

Cons of Applying for Different Positions at the Same Company

Sadly, there are cons to applying for different positions at the same company as well and they are:

  1. Hiring managers might start doubting your skills, especially up-skilling. Up-skilling is the process of acquiring more expertise on a certain topic or skill. If you apply for many positions, the hiring managers might doubt your ability to be an expert in one skill only.
  2. It might show your indecisiveness. Being indecisive is not something companies are looking for. Multiple applications might be taken as a sign of indecisiveness, so, if you are applying for multiple positions, make sure to emphasize that you are a good fit for both, reasons included.
  3. If you’re applying for remote work, it might show a lack of balance. Applying for multiple positions or advertising an array of skills beyond a single job might indicate that you like to take on “everything” and don’t know how to establish boundaries. This could be a concern because, these days, managers are responsible to prevent virtual burnout, and they may be hesitant to hire someone who looks like they can’t maintain a healthy work-life balance when working from home.

Things You Might Need to Take Into Consideration When Applying for any Position

No matter how good you are at what you do, job hunting is not an easy task and there are several things you might need to take into consideration. First and foremost, companies have human resource planning strategies you might not have heard of. These strategies revolve around combining the best possible people to work together as a team. When applying for a specific position, keep in mind that you might be required to work in a team or as a part of the team - make sure that the recruiters know your leadership and communication skills.

Secondly, keep in mind that there are diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies companies are following. Having a diverse workplace could only benefit the company/team more. From diversity, numerous brand new ideas might stem, and some of them can lead to the betterment of the company itself. Carefully consider what you can bring to the table in terms of diversity and inclusion, and ensure that the recruiters are aware of it as well.

Knowing something more about the inbound marketing trends can help you find a better job

Everything is about marketing nowadays. The more people are aware of a service/product, the higher the chances that the company offering them would profit. The same goes when job-hunting is concerned and people looking for a job could learn more about the company they are applying for.

If a company you are interested in has good inbound marketing trends and strategies (high-quality content, short videos about the company, and high activity on social media), chances are that they are a serious company that deeply cares about their line of business.


Applying for two or more different positions at a company might not be a good idea unless you are explicitly certain that you would fit all positions you apply for perfectly. For this reason, ensure that your CV/Cover Letter is tailored for all positions and show the hiring managers how good you actually are. You will definitely not get both positions, but your chances of getting hired will drastically increase. Good luck!

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