Wordle 265 X/6 ... Today is the END of Your Winning Streak!

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Don't worry, I didn't include the answer to today's Wordle in this post; however, there are clues at the end of this post, which I labeled "SPOILERS" so you can stop reading when you get to that part.

Wordle is trending on Twitter today; specifically, "Wordle 265 X" is trending. Take a look at some of these tweets and you will quickly see the problem:

As you can see, Wordle has broken a lot of winning streaks today as there are a lot of people who weren't able to get it in 6 tries, even though today's word seems so easy (in hindsight). But, back up a bit. For those of you living under a rock, we might need to answer this question:

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a daily web-based word game that was recently acquired by The New York Times. It's fun, simple (well, maybe not so simple!) and, like their crossword, can only be played once a day. Every 24 hours there's a new 5-letter word of the day, and it's up to you to figure out what it is ... in six attempts or less. The word is the same for all players and after you complete it, you are prompted to share your results on social media ... without sharing the actual solution. The mechanics of the game are similar to the TV game show Lingo and the board game Mastermind.

Here are the rules:

Wordle RulesNY Times

You can play Wordle by clicking here.

Choosing your first word

While I don't suppose there is any right or wrong way to play Wordle, some people swear by always starting with the same word. I actually use a different word each time and I have had success (my winning streak is still 100%.

To maximize your guess, you should choose a word with five different letters. Some subscribe to the belief that it should contain a lot of vowels, such as media, adieu, or radio. I believe that you should choose words with more consonants, using just one vowel or a "y" instead. The reason is that your mind can easily fill in the vowels. I just find it easier to "see" the word that way, so I might start with wrath, strip, or crypt.

Avoid the temptation to reuse gray letters ... or yellow ones for that matter!

It does take time to think of new words, but the effort will pay off if you don't use letters you've already tried. If you want to really optimize your Wordle strategy, you might not want to use any of the letters from your first guess at all, even if they were the correct letters in the wrong position (the yellow letters). This allows you to test as many letters as possible in your first and second guesses, bringing you much closer to being able to make an informed guess on the third attempt.

Letters can appear twice

This does complicate things, but letters can and do often recur. In the past, words including chill, sissy, and ferry have been the correct answers. It's just something to keep in mind.


Well, you have probably already kind of guessed from the tweets that today's Wordle is a 5-letter word ending in 4-letters that many words share ... certainly more than six! It's not an obscure word, it's just that there are so many possible answers. Even if you are lucky enough to guess one of those words on the first try, you still need to hone in on the right word.

I actually did get the word correct today, but it took me all six tries.

So, here are the clues:

  • it's a word that shares the last four letters with at least eight other 5-letter words
  • it's a word that rhymes with at least six other 5-letter words
  • it only has one vowel
  • it can be a verb or a noun
  • you might even be wearing one

Happy Wordling!

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