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Joplin, Missouri Now Has a Cat Cafe & It's an Incredible Experience

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Nine Lives Cat Lounge & Adoption Center is all about selling drinks that promote healthy lifestyles and finding Humane Society cats homes through adoption. The recently renovated building is split in half with one side being dedicated to a cafe with drinks and foods while the other side can house up to 20 cats at any given time.

Nine Lives is owned by Tiffany Buck. They opened May 1st, 2020 and business has been good! In fact, they got their initial group of cats adopted within the first week. That's a pretty impressive feat that helps some adorable animals in need!

The Cafe

It's pretty common to go to Tropical Smoothie or Starbucks and spend $8 on your drink that is packed with calories and isn't the most healthy choice out there. With Nine Lives Cafe it's a different story. Most of their drinks are only around $5 and a lot of them incorporate protein powder and other healthy ingredients. Nine Lives coffees are perfect to get on early mornings, before working out, and even on your way home from work!

Beyond coffee, they also sell an array of different baked goods including Mac's Cinnamon Rolls, B's Bread & Baked Goods, and much more.

They have some incredible drinks at an incredible price and some great food that supports other local businesses like Mac's Cinnamon Rolls.

I'd highly recommend giving Nine Lives Cat Cafe to anyone who loves coffee, shakes, baked goods, healthy living, and supporting local businesses.

The Adoption Center

Who doesn't love playing with cats and kittens? How could you not?! Well, if you were allergic, I guess, would make sense but if you're not allergic to cats then you've gotta check this place out and play with some cats. They're all adorable and love the attention and human interaction.

When you first enter Nine Lives there will be in the cafe portion of the business. Then you'll be able to talk to the staff to enter the adoption center and cat lounge where you can play with the cats. It's $5 to enter the cat lounge and $5 more for every subsequent 30-minute period you spend playing with the cats. If you want to adopt a cat it's only $90. All their cats have already been spayed and neutered. If you choose to adopt a new furry friend you can take them home on the same day!

Along with an array of cats that are up for adoption, Nine Lives also has three sibling felines who are full-time residents of the Nine Lives Cat Lounge. These three cats are Joey B. Boots, Sis, and Princess P (in order from left to right pictured below).

These three cats, or as they're more commonly called, the 'Migos, can often be found in the hammock cuddling and sleeping. They're all three friendly to all people and love all the attention in the world. If you go to Nine Lives Cat Cafe make sure you say 'hello' and offer a tribute of affection to the 'Migos!

Nine Lives Cat Cafe is also a retailer of Meowijuana, a brand of catnip along with rolled joints full of catnip. The staff is incredibly kind and their service is amazing.

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