Instagram Influencer Calls For Normalizing Women Having Facial Hair

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Instagram Influencer urges women to reinvent what it means to be beautiful.Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Women are much more likely to stress over their appearance and let their flaws affect their self-esteem. According to the New York Post, social media has distorted women's self-worth, and it is taking a toll on their mental health.

A research study conducted in 2018 revealed because of the filters and model-type women on social media, 80% of women said they felt they needed to have a flawless face and thin body to be attractive.

Instagram Influencer Wants Women To Embrace Real Self-Love

Joanna Kenny, creator of the movement #porenotflaws, wants women to embrace their imperfections and love themselves for who they are, flaws in all. She posted a series of videos with her facial hair, suggesting she loves herself, even with visible chin and upper lip hair.

Like most women, Kenny thought she had to shave/wax her facial hair to be considered attractive. She did it for years to make her husband happy, thinking that's what he wanted her to do. Then one day, she stopped doing it.

One day, Joanna discovered there was a chin hair she didn't pluck. Instead of frantically plucking it off, she let it go. And she decided not to remove her facial hair anymore. She needed a change. She expected her partner to oppose the idea of her having facial hair. Instead, he supported it and asked her why she ever felt the need to remove it.

Now, she's calling on all women to stop removing their facial hair, because they don't need to have no hair on their face to feel good about themselves.

Kenny Wants Women To Know, All Body's Jiggle

In another one of her posts, she said it is imperative women are okay with our bodies jiggling when we walk or having a little fat on our stomach when we bend over.

“What’s becoming more frequent is people’s desire to achieve the same poreless skin as their social media filter. This warped perspective of what skin should look like creates unobtainable skincare goals, and any real progress is overlooked,” Joanna said.

So ladies, are you ready to embrace your facial hair? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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