Freddie Mercury On Growing Old And How To Live A Happy Life

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Freddie Mercury just wanted to live a happy life and believed it would add to his success in music.Adventures in Power Facebook Page

Freddie Mercury joined the English college band, Smile, in 1969, which later became Queen. He remained the lead singer of the band until his death at the young age of 45 on November 24, 1991. Mercury was captivating, brilliant, and, most of all, had a kind heart.

The entertainer didn't worry about growing old. It wasn't because he thought he would die young, either. He said it was something he couldn't change. There is no way to make yourself younger, even if you spend thousands on plastic surgery.

"Why should anybody worry about age? You can’t do anything about it, you can’t get younger. I’m not worried about getting any younger or older, I just want to live life to the full and spend my life doing wonderful things. I just don’t worry about it. I think that age can be a good quality because age equals experience and I’m using all the experience I have gathered over the years to benefit from.”
The microphone Freddie Mercury preferred to use for concerts, now on display in The Rock In Roll Hall Of Fame.Freddie Mercury Online-Queen Facebook Page

Freddie Believed In Living His Life Authentically

Mercury believed in taking risks, in his personal life and in music. He wanted to leave this world with a legacy. He knew his calling was to perform and make music and he spent his last years making all the music his frail body would allow.

He never worried about the aging process, as he knew he was a beautiful person, inside and out. He lived his life on his terms, rarely caring if anyone objected to his life choices.

"His legacy will go on forever. His songs and his recordings are timeless. He was a creator, a revolutionary, a one-off. He would have carried on. That’s what motivated him, his work," musician and friend to Mercury, Dave Clark said.

Freddie's Secret To Happiness Is Simple

The Queen lead singer believed the key to happiness was to live your life as an honest, caring, and authentic person. He said many people don't do that, and it leads to misery. In a YouTube video from an interview in 1984, Freddie said the most important thing in life is happiness, adding if he isn't happy, it shows up in his work.

As it turns out, Mercury was correct about his secret to happiness. According to Forbes, the three reasons most people are unhappy are being around negative people, comparing their success to others, and living a dishonest life.

In closing, Freddie once said, "Money cannot buy happiness, but it can sure give it to others." What he meant was he could make people happy by giving to charities and helping them with their basic needs.

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