Texas Serial Killer Capital Murder Trial Begins: Immigrant Billy Chemirmir Allegedly Killed 18 Elderly Women

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Billy Chemirmir faces life in prison with no parole .Dallas County Sheriff's Office

Billy Chemirmir faces life in prison with no parole for the slaying of an 81-year-old woman named Lu Thi Harris, Dallas Morning News reported. The police and medical examiner say he murdered 18 elderly women in total. The defendant entered a plea of not guilty.

In 2018, news outlets reported Chemirmir was an illegal immigrant from Kenya. Apparently, that is not correct information as he is a legal resident of the United States. According to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, if released from jail, he will probably face deportation.

The police claim Chemirmr posed as home health aide and maintenance worker to get access to the elderly women's homes. Once he gained entrance, he smothered his victims and robbed them of their jewelry and other valuables.

Although police believe he could have murdered over a dozen women, he is on trial for one murder. Lu Thi Thomas. The prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty. If convicted, his sentence will be life in prison with no parole.

Billy is facing 18 capital murder charges, but he is not likely to face a trial for each and every case. They apprehended Chemirmir in 2018, after a two-year crime spree, after Mary Bartel survived his brutal attack. She told the police Chemirmir forced his way into her senior living apartment, smothered her with a nearby pillow, and robbed her. She remembered him telling her not to fight her as he tried to kill her.

Bartel blacked out and when she came to, she realized her attacker stole her jewelry, CBC reported. Police tracked Chemirmir to his apartment, where they found a jewelry box that belonged to Lu Thi Harris. Inside the defendant's car, they found keys that belonged to Harris. They went to her apartment, and found her dead in her bedroom, with her lipstick smeared on the pillow he used to smother her.

Most of his victims lived in senior independent living apartments, ranging in age from 74 to 93. Police say the reason he could kill so many elderly women because law enforcement ruled many of the deaths as natural causes.

Law expert Russell Wilson, a former Dallas County Prosecutor, said there is a clear path to Chemirmir's conviction. He doesn't think he will face a trial on all 18 women, but there could be at least one more trial.

Billy Chemirmir's trial begins Monday, November 15. He has nearly two dozen other capital murder charges pending, with no trial date available.

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