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Wife Convicted Of Killing Husband — Stuffs His Body In The Attic

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Latosha Starks-Twilley faces life in prison after a jury found her guilty of murder.Shelby County Jail

A Tennessee woman is facing life in prison for suffocating her husband, then hiding his body in a plastic container and stuffing the box in the attic, True Crime Daily reported. The Shelby County District Attorney said it only took the jury 17 minutes to find Latosha Starks-Twilley guilty of first-degree murder.

Starks-Twilley's husband, Waddell, went missing in 2016, but his car, wallet, and belongings remained at their shared residence. The couple's 11-year-old son reportedly called his father's cell phone to find out his location a few days after he disappeared. He heard his dad's phone ringing in the crawlspace.

The child asked his neighbor to call the police. He suspected his father was in trouble and couldn't figure out why his phone would be in the attic, which was more like a crawlspace. According to Fox 17, the child told his neighbor he thinks his mother killed his father. The couple shared three children together.

The police arrived on the scene and called the victim's phone to verify the boy's story. Sure enough, they heard the phone ringing from the crawlspace. The crawlspace had a lock on the door, which they asked Starks-Twilley to open the unit. When the door swung open, they found a plastic container with the victim's body inside.

The district attorney said they found the victim in a "large plastic tub with the victim’s body encased in concrete and covered with clothes, dirt, cigarette butts and other debris." Starks-Twilley allegedly tied his hands with handcuffs and placed "several layers of plastic bags over his head, taping it around his neck with masking tape.

In 2006, US News reported Starks-Twilley shot a 13-year- old family member after he allegedly raped her. It took five years for her to plead guilty to the statutory rape and aggravated assault. There is no information about her sentence for the 2011 conviction.

Latosha Starks-Twilley is facing life in prison for her husband's murder. What do you think is a fair sentence for her? Tell me what you think in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow me for more crime stories.

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