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Man Allegedly Decapitated Mom — Claims God Told Him She Was The Devil

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Police apprehend a man who claims he killed his mother to save the world.fsHH /pixabay

An Ohio man, Lionel Gore, allegedly murdered and decapitated, his adopted mother, Diane Gore, then he set the house on fire in front of his 6-year-old nephew, Crime Online reported. But that's not the strangest part of the story. He claims his motive for the horrific murder was because the Holy Ghost told him she was the devil.

Diane's sister arrived at the house, her nephew ran out of the burning house covered in blood. He allegedly charged at her, threatening to kill her next if she didn't get out of the way. He fled the scene in his vehicle. She tried to enter the home, but because of the fire, she couldn't get inside.

The 6-year-old told investigators he saw his uncle Lionel remove his grandmother's head with a knife. He said, at first he used a smaller knife, but later upgraded to a larger one. The boy said he had to crawl out of the house to escape the fire and smoke. Once the firefighters extinguished the fire, and the police found Gore's body in the master bedroom.

According to Fox News, police identified his vehicle and chased him. During the chase, he hit two cars, law enforcement vehicles, before they apprehended him. Once in custody, they took him to the hospital to check for any injuries. They asked if he knows what happened to his mother, and to explain how the house ended up on fire.

“I cut her head off and set her on fire,” Gore said. He told them the Holy Spirit told him his mother was the devil, and he had to save the world from destruction.

Before his shocking revelation, law enforcement did not know he decapitated his mother's head. Washington County Prosecutor Nicole Coil said Gore will face multiple charges including murder, arson, child endangerment, and high-speed chase.

Do you believe his story [tic] that God told him to rid the world of his mother because she's the devil? Tell me what you think about this in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow me for more crime stories.

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