Convicted Child Sex Offender Awarded $17.5M After Guards Bragged About Paralyzing Him

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The State of Ohio must pay $17.5 million to Seth Fletcher for violating his civil rights.Ichigo121212/pixabay

Seth Fletcher, 21, a convicted sex offender, will receive a payout of $17.5 million from the State of Ohio after the prison guards beat him so severely he is now paralyzed. The attorney for Fletcher, Geoffrey Fieger, reported the federal civil rights verdict, confirming the child sex offender will receive compensation for the beating that caused a severe spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis.

The inmate was just two months away from his release date. After a naked strip search, two guards at Chalkier Correctional Institution in Ohio shoved him to the ground. They suspected the prison had drug-laced cigarettes. They placed handcuffs around his wrists and used what Fletcher's attorney called, "sadistic and malicious force."

According to the Insider, the lawsuit stated the prison confirmed the two guards "did in fact, take part in, authorized, ratified and/or failed to intervene to prevent sadistic, malicious and excessive uses of force under the circumstances."

The Officers Bragged About The Beating

The lawsuit detailed how the officer bragged on social media saying, "waterboarded [Fletcher] LMAO," when the inmate asked for water after the attack.

Fletcher was serving time for a child sex offense that occurred when he was 18. His attorney said he was in prison for making a video of having consensual intercourse with his girlfriend. She was younger than him, making it a crime.

After the incident, the guards took him to the medical unit, where the nurse on duty deemed him to be stable with no acute injuries. He noticed after several hours passed, he couldn't move his legs and feet. He told the acting captain he couldn't feel or move his legs, but they never took him back to see the nurse.

The next morning, the prison psychologist visited Fletcher in his cell, and he alerted the medical team. They transferred him to Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, where he had emergency spinal cord surgery to save his life. Even after the officer knew how severe Fletcher's injuries were, they still bragged about the attack.

“The guy I broke his nose is now paralyzed with a broken neck, and they say his face looks like he was dropped [sic] and dragged through concrete. It feels good to know that I played a small part in paralyzing a cho," ex-guard Garrett Osbon said.

6 Park News reported, Garrett Osbon resigned during federal civil rights lawsuit.

No Criminal Charges Filed

Fletcher's attorney said they sued “as a result of the torture and maiming of Seth Fletcher by prison guards at Chilicothe Correctional Institution. The guards handcuffed Mr. Fletcher behind his back and then broke his spine, throwing him to the ground. After leaving him quadriplegic, the guards approached him while asking for water, and then deprived him of medical treatment. The guards then made fun of him and bragged on social media about what they had done.”

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections did not comment on the lawsuit and didn't recommend any criminal charges for the two guards that brutally assault Fletcher. Since the incident and lawsuit, the prison has fired six guards, for undisclosed reasons, and two more resigned.

Fletcher is now a quadriplegic and lives in a nursing home. His mother is planning on using some of the payout to adapt her home into a wheelchair accessable environment so she can take care of her son.

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