Father Stabs Teenage Son After A Violent Fight Over Chores

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Richard Cain is in custody facing multiple charges.Westmoore County Jail

A Pennsylvania father allegedly stabbed his 16-year-old son after an argument over household chores. Investigators claim the fight broke out after the father expressed his disappointment in his son's willingness to do his chores.

According to KAKE news, Richard Cain's anger exploded at his son when he perceived his teen to be disobedient. The argument quickly escalated and allegedly became violent.

"It appears that it [sic] was a very heated argument that just escalated and quickly got completely out of control," state trooper Stephen Limani said.

According to CBS, Cain and his teenage son were fighting over his son, wanting to go out with his friends and his chores. The trooper said the entire argument was over cleanliness and the youngster failing to keep up with his share of chores around the house.

The son started throwing things at his father. Cain responded by grabbing a knife and stabbed his son in the back.

"The youth had his arms wrapped around his father's waist, and the knife was plunged [sic] into his back, the state trooper explained.

When the teenager's mother learned how serious the situation was, she tried to intervene to save her son. When she tried to pull her kid away from Cain, he shoved her away. He held his son down for several minutes before eventually letting him get up and escape the brutal attack.

The 16-year-old's mother got him out of the house to ensure his safety. The mother and child fled to a neighbor's house and called law enforcement for help. The teenager is in the hospital, listed in stable condition.

"It’s a shame. I feel like that’s an argument that takes place in almost any household with every single child," the state trooper said "The fact that it has to become some violent altercation and involves a knife and stabbing your 16-year-old son in the back that’s not the way to handle it, obviously."

Richard Cain is being held without bond for aggravated assault, among other charges. Court records revealed he has a violent criminal record. Two years ago, he pleaded guilty to strangulation and assault. The victim's name, in that case, is not available.

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