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$1 Million Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Winner Gets Scammed By His Cousin

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Woman steals $1 million ticket from her cousinNew York Lottery Commission

A New York man, who asked to stay anonymous, won $1 million on a $5 scratch-off ticket. He claims he asked his cousin to cash the ticket, because he wanted to stay anonymous. Instead of cashing the ticket and giving him the money, his cousin provided him with fake paperwork about his winnings, and took off with the cash, NBC News reported.

Iris Amador Argueta, 32, forged paperwork to convince her cousin his lotto winning jackpot wasn't as much as he thought, and pocketed rest of the money. On Monday, November 8, Houston police arrested her for felony charges of grand larceny and possession of forged documents.

According to The New York Post, it all started a year ago when Argueta's cousin bought a $5 "Hold 'Em Poker" ticket at a 7-11. The ticket was a big winner, to the tune of $1 million!

The cousin wanted to remain anonymous, so he asked Argueta to cash the ticket in for him, and in return, he'd pay her $50,000. She mailed the ticket t the Lottery Commission and told him they would send her a check in a few weeks.

Several weeks later, Iris told her cousin she heard from the lottery commission. She presented him with forged documents which stated he didn't win $1 million, but $20,000. She gave him $13,000, claiming the state took a little over seven grand in taxes.

Argueta's scheme might have worked, if it wasn't for the New York’s Lottery Commission's public announcement reporting her winning ticket. They issued a press release reporting her lump sum payout — after taxes — of $537, 440. That's an enormous difference from Iris' claim of $20,000 payout.

When the cousin figured out Argueta lied to him and pocketed his lottery winnings, he contacted her. She denied having the money and threatened to press charges against him if he continued to harass her over the cash. The police recovered a little over half of the money from Iris' bank account, which made it impossible for her to claim she didn't steal the money from her cousin.

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