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Foster Mom Murders 4-Year-Old Girl And Abuses 2 Other Kids — Films Abuse

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Lakeisha Mitchell faces years in prison.Brevard County Sheriff Social Media

A foster mom in Titusville, Florida, who allegedly beat and murdered a 4-year-old girl, Joy King-Castro, placed in her home for her safety, is facing additional charges of child abuse. The report claims she abused two other foster children two months before killing Joy.

The two children allegedly told a social worker their bruises occurred in Mitchell's care. They said some of them were from playing rough, but some were caused directly by Lakeisha. The children said she would hit them with belts, shoes, spatulas, and her bare hand. In April, the children's social worker removed them, placing them in the care of their biological mother.

After the incident in April, a police report detailed the abuse of the children. One child had a bump on the back of their head, resulting in hair loss, Crime Online reported. Additionally, they had extensive bruising, contusions, and abrasions all over their bodies. The police believed some markings on their body resulted from being hit with a cord of some type. Despite the abuse, they did not arrest Mitchell in April. The only disciplinary action the foster mother received was the removal of the children from her care.

Joy King-Castro Died August 25, 2021

Seven months later, Mitchell is facing murdering charges after Joy died of a brain bleed. The doctors believe the child suffered a blunt force trauma to her head, causing a brain bleed. A few days before the little girl's death, Lakeisha called 911, reporting King-Castro was unresponsive in the bathtub.

Medical staff immediately suspected Mitchell's story was not truthful. There was no evidence the little girl had drowned. There was countless evidence she had suffered abuse and blunt force trauma to her head.

Mitchell Claims Joy Was Uncontrollable

The child's case manager said Joy had behavior issues, and she had been in a few foster homes before her death. Lakeisha was apprehensive about taking care of her at first, but changed her mind and agreed to keep her until permanent placement. The case manager, Kirsten Larson, visited Mitchell's home, which is required by law, and she didn’t notice any abuse or bruises. According to WFLA, Larson resigned from her position last week,

Larson claimed she found out about the prior abuse of the two children and Joy's fatal injury when she was rushed to the hospital. The staff called the authorities when Lakeisha couldn't explain her brain injury. Larson recalls Mitchell revealed just before King-Castro's death she felt overwhelmed. She tried to encourage her and did not know the extinct of the abuse.

The former case manager recalls a time when Lakeisha told her of Joy's behavioral issues, claiming the little girl "spoke to demons." Larson's former boss denies her claims, but said he can't say anything more. He said, it is company policy to not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Lakeisha's attorney said in court the little girl didn't feel pain or empathy like other 4-year-old children. She often acted out, and her behavior was unmanageable. The prosecution played a video of one of Joy's alleged episodes.

In the video, you can clearly hear Lakeisha say, “I don’t even care. Die. Die, b**ch, die."

It seems clear this horrible crime was preventable. The agency knew MItchell was struggling to handle King-Castro's behavioral issues, but they did nothing to protect her from the foster mother. They received the police report detailing her abuse in April.

Lakeisha's charges include first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm, neglect of a child, and child abuse. She will appear in court for her bond hearing on December 6. Do you think the foster agency is liable for the child abuse and murder? Tell me what you think in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow me for more crime news stories.

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