What Does Love Mean to You?

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Love is a word we often struggle to find a definition for. Is it kindness, generosity, forgiveness or physical intimacy? Today's article will clear up some of the confusion around the word.

We love in 3 different way. As the greek words help us out here, I will dive into some details about the words.

1. Eros- the love between a romantic partner. Here physical intimacy comes into play

2. Philio- the love between a friend. A friend who will support the other in times of need

3. Agape- self-sacrificial love.The love that doesn't expect something in return.

These three types of love can help us improve our relationships with others.

While we have the chance, let us practice these different types of love with our friends and partners. Agape is the most difficult of all to put into practice.

But if you do manage to show agape to a friend or anyone really, you're showing the love of God. A love that not many would be able to show.

Dwelling on these thoughts can give you a shift of perspective. Rather than expecting love from others, show a love that they cannot return. Give rather than to receive.

These tough lessons will take a while to settle in. For this reason, I'd like to keep this short and sweet.

Thank you for reading!

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