What Do You Do With Your Limited Time? It's your choice

Chris McQueen

It's your choice


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An average day might look like this:

  • Wake up (8 am)
  • Read the news on your phone and eat breakfast (9 am)
  • Work from home (9–12 am)
  • Prepare lunch (12 am-1 pm)
  • More work (1 pm-5 pm)
  • Prepare dinner (5–6 pm)
  • Eat dinner (6–7 pm)
  • Watch TV (7 pm- 9 pm)
  • Head off to bed (10 pm)

After days and weeks in this daily cycle, you ask yourself: “When will I be able to pursue my hobbies, my personal development or my new side hustle?

Make time for your most important tasks

The key is to reschedule.

Take your time to plan out your perfect day. What would you want to include?

Mine would be the following:

  • Wake up (7 am)
  • Eat breakfast (7–7:30 am)
  • Run (7:30–8 am)
  • Write (8:30–9 am)
  • Online course (9–9:30 am)
  • Work from home (9:30–12 am)
  • Prepare lunch (12 am-1 pm)
  • More work (1 pm-6 pm)
  • Eat dinner (6–7 pm)
  • Read (7 pm- 8 pm)
  • Talk to the family (8 pm- 9 pm)
  • Head off to bed (10 pm)

You might have seen some subtle changes to my morning routine.

I’m trying to write daily. I run three times a week. Maybe I can also improve running as well. I take 30 min a day to improve my coding for educational purposes. Evey evening family time is a priority.

We all have 24 hours a day

We all have 24 hours in a day. If you’re a multi-billionaire or a college graduate, it doesn’t matter. 

What does matter is how you fill those hours. 

A third of the 24h you will be asleep. Another 2–3 h a day are dedicated to eating and preparing food. Consequently, we have around 14h in our free leisure.

Covid-19 has dramatically improved my time management. I’ve saved 2–3h a day on travel. These hours have gone towards education, workouts and study. 

Your focus might differ from mine. But due to current events, we all have an opportunity to invest these additional hours in an uplifting and motivating way.

You choose what you want to pursue in life. It might not be a corporate job that will significantly reduce those 14h hours available to you.

Mind over matter

The only way you’re different to big earners, and rich people is your mindset. With a positive outlook on life and huge motivation, you will put in the necessary hours to become an expert in your field.

  • Plan your day in advance 
  • Jot down your 3 key goals of today
  • Find a friend to be your productivity buddy

This will help you get the hours back that sometimes seem to vanish when scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Quit the excuses and get down to planning your perfect day.

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