3 Ways to Invest in Yourself Today

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Now is the best time to up your game

“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” ―Henry David Thoreau

When’s the last time you invested money to improve your skillset?

If your answer to this question was, “I can’t remember, it was a long time ago,” you’re not alone.

If you miss out on an opportunity to invest, you’re damaging long term results. You will miss out on changing your outlook on life and making changes to your habits that might make you stand out from the masses.

Here are three steps to start investing in yourself today.

#1 Figure out what your passion is

Is it a Youtube channel, E-commerce, or Writing? Now is the time to decide what you will focus on. Pick a topic you won’t get tired of doing, even after hours. Chose a favourite side-hustle you want to monetise.

It’s not impossible. Many have done it before.

Find a passion that makes you happy and excited to do. You don’t need to focus on one niche. YouTube videos and writing can be about anything you love.

I find writing very exciting. It’s helped me find my footing. Writing helps me express my thoughts in words.

I’m willing to go all in.

#2 Learn everything about the platform

If you’re an aspiring YouTuber, you will need to learn all about making videos, using tags, sharing videos, and finding ways to monetise videos. Ironically, the best place to find this information is YouTube itself.

If you want to take writing seriously, you’ll want to understand Medium. Find out what the best articles look like, about topics, and how to submit to publications.

#3 Invest in yourself to elevate your game

You have two options:

Try to understand all there is to know about the platform on your own. You will need to persevere when you go for months or years with seemingly no success.

Chose to invest in yourself. This is your shortcut to success. Learn from the experts on the platform. They have been working in your niche for a lot longer than you. Accept their expertise for a justified price.

You will be able to exchange money for one of the most precious resources in our lives: Time.

Wrapping it up

Starting a side-business is tough. You will face many struggles. But to make it to the level of an expert, you will need to invest.

Your choice is simple; you can invest time or money. You get to chose what you are willing to pay.

Remember to keep hammering and forging your character. That is the only way to keep growing and learning for a lifetime.

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