3 Great Reasons You Will Want To Get An iPad For University

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#2 It feels like writing on paper — just better


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The day I started university, I faced a dilemma most current students will know well.

If you’re able to take good notes during a lecture, you will have an easier time preparing for the exams.

I ultimately faced two options:

  1. I could stay traditional and print out lecture slides and notes.
  2. I could take notes digitally with an iPad or a laptop.

Poor judgement and influence from the paper-loving-generation made my opt for option one.

A few months later, I switched to the digital alternative — I bought an iPad.

But why would you want to buy an iPad over the safer and more familiar traditional note-taking method?

#1 You have your entire University in a 500g tablet

If you were to talk to somebody 50 years ago and explain the future of technology, most people would call you crazy!

The iPad is so light; you can take it everywhere.

With a weight of 500 grams, you will be glad not to have to carry multiple folders around your campus.

All note-taking apps on the iPad also have awesome ways to structure your data.

Personally, I’m a big fan of GoodNotes. To structure my lessons, I make a folder for each semester. Every topic in a semester has its own separate notebook.

The app has a great feature: global search. You can browse all your documents and notes you’ve written. The search even includes handwriting recognition.

Forgot to bring your maths homework? No longer an excuse. It’s all there in one app.

#2 It feels like writing on paper — just better

This reasoning is based more on sentimental factors.

I love the feeling of writing with the Apple pencil.

It truly feels almost like you’re writing or sketching on real paper.

To enhance your writing experience, there are special screen protectors. These screen protectors will make you feel like your writing on real paper.

All new iPads come with the option to charge the pencil on the case itself, while the pencil is not in use. Your writing experience will be the same as a normal pencil—no extra charging.

The precision of your writing will amaze you. Applying increased pressure will make your line thicker. If you tilt your pencil, you can create a shade-effect.

Just like a normal pencil.

#3 Your documents are safe

The worst feeling is when you write up an essay, and you realise you forgot to save the document. Suddenly the laptop crashes and your days' work is gone.

All apps for writing on the iPad offer AutoSave.

This means that your work will instantly be saved.

I find this really handy, as I often forget to click the save icon on common desktop apps. AutoSave will give you the necessary peace of mind.

You’ll also have the option to back up your work to the cloud regularly.

All these handy features will ensure you have your data on all your devices.

You won’t need to decide what folder you will want to keep. You have all your data safe in the cloud.

Wrap up

I think an iPad is a great tool for every student. You can pick up an entry-level model with a pencil for around 400€

That’s 400€ well spent. (Remember to use your educational discount of 10%)

You can bring your iPad everywhere. It’s light, easy and fun to use.

My personal highlight is using the Apple pencil. The precision and accuracy of the pencil are awe-inspiring.

I hope this article could help you see the benefits of the iPad.

Thanks for reading.

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