Opinion: Why Narcissists Live Secret Lives, and You Were Only a Number in Their Rotation of Victims

Chris Freyler

I share my opinions, experiences, and knowledge on my path through narcissistic abuse.

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That’s the thing; there is never just one or two. There are multiple. They must keep the never-ending rotation going because they know no relationship will last.

They aren’t happy even if they have someone, “like dumb me,” who stays around and chases more abuse. They love to keep a “main supply” around when all the others crumble. Their ideal situation is to keep 2–3 main ones on the hook and hide them all from each other with deception, like ”we are just friends! You’re so damn controlling!” Why can’t you trust them?

They are sick twisted.

The biggest thing they lie about and hide are themselves. They have no idea who they are without someone in their life to use as a punching bag. They are constantly changing who they are to bait unsuspecting victims in until they can no longer hold up the act.

They hide their abuse of you by projection. And they will keep playing victim until a ”crowd” forms to support their fake sense of self and narrative. They are excellent actors in this play. And don’t be surprised when they build quite the audience.

Don’t you know THEY are the victim and all they are trying to do is love your mentally unstable self! Look how crazy you act! They love to use your reactions to their abuse against you as they hide the actual abuse. All while confusing you while you. You might even start to blame yourself.

They will use your reactions to hide their actual abuse. And the clueless idiots they surround themselves with will believe it until they get to know the real “them.” And you and I both know it doesn’t take long for their "true colors" to shine.

They desperately go through life hiding everything. They hide behind images. A fake title on social media, their kids, their fake achievements, or anything they can use and abuse to cover an ego they won’t accept.

Let them keep hiding. Your best bet is if you are addicted to one of these parasites, hope they hide from you long enough so you can break the trauma bond. Then when they resurface again, you can give them SCREW YOU!

And continue to live free from abuse and find a partner and people who love and don’t abuse you.

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