Chainless Honbike is Futuristic Look at Ebike Design

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'Different' is a pretty good word to describe the Honbike. It gets you around with no chain and does it with only 57 parts compared to the 250 on a normal ebike. When it comes to ebike design it's hard to be more minimalistic than that.

They sent me the white version for review recently but it also comes in red or black. I like the way they laid out the graphics and paint job by having the rear wheel be a different color.

Its also the first ebike that i ever had to install a hubcap on and I like that idea for ebikes with mag wheels like the Honbike.

Honbike Design

Make no mistake, if you buy this ebike you are probably buying it because its unique in the market. Nothing else looks like this ebike. Most of the parts on it are not typical bike parts, save for maybe the pedals and brakes. Everything from the seat design to the diamond shaped handlebars to the shaft drive is out of the box thinking.

They claim it was designed by 20 engineers and took 3 years to develop.
Honbikes Chainless Shaft DriveHonbike

Here's what the Shaft Drive gives you;

  • 40,000+km shaft drive system maintenance-free longer lifespan, no chain off, no belt loos, no need to clean.
  • 100% enclosed & sealed shaft tube, impervious to the outside environment.
  • Clever internal linkage arrangements for a durable and reliable drive system.

This does limit you to a single speed drivetrain however. But It makes owning an ebike a much easier proposition for certain riders who don't want to deal with a greasy chain.

It feels like a very safe ebike and glides seamlessly on my local streets. The Honbike has some interesting technology on board to help.

  • Safety alert sensor helps determining the speed and torque of your turning wheels.
  • Angle alert sensor cuts off motor power when your e-bike tilt angle >30° to prevent from falling when making a turn.
  • Gyroscope sensor helps steer effortlessly and balanced-well in the dynamics of your e-bike.

I have to say its one of the most ergonomically designed ebikes I have ridden to date, the reach is short and you have a nice upright seating position.

Honbike Specs

  • 250 Watt Front Hub Motor
  • Integrated LCD Display
  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist
  • Front/rear lights
  • Foldable Design
  • 20 x 2.1 street tires
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • 36V 6 amp hour battery

Did I mention it folds? Yep just like ebikes such as the Lectric XP,  the handlebars fold down, the pedals fold up and the frame folds in half to make a very small bike that fits almost anywhere. And it's easy to carry because it weighs only 45 pounds. 

Honbike Drawbacks

But the Honbike does have its drawbacks. It does not climb hills well despite touting its hill tech assist. It's not fast either, topping out at a mere 15.5 MPH. They sell it in the EU too but did not adjust settings for the U.S. market. Range is also an issue. Because the battery is small, I only got about 17 miles in my testing (using PAS3/4/5).

And lastly this ebike's sticker price is a whopping $1,999. Even with the discount currently being offered that is a lot of cash to shell out for an ebike that wont get you far and has limited use as a simple beach cruiser. 

But if that's all you want/need for casual riding you can learn more at
The Honbike@chriscrossed

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