Lectric XP Lite vs XP 2.0, Comparing Two Affordable Ebikes

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When it comes to affordable ebikes, Lectric makes two of the most affordable on the market. I've been riding both for the past few months and have some thoughts on why you should buy one versus the other.

To start let's look at the main differences between each ebike.


The Lectric XP 2.0 features a 500 Watt rear hub motor that peaks at 850 Watts. The XP Lite has a smaller 300W nominal, 720W peak planetary geared brushless motor achieves a good balance between torque and speed.


The XP 2.0 has seven gears to help you shift when going up hills. The XP Lite is single speed only. Both have twist throttles that can get you to 20 MPH.


The XP Lite sits low and the 2.0 is a few inches higher but both ebikes are very accessible and will work well for shorter folks who want to ride.


Here's where the ebikes differ greatly. The XP Lite weighs just 46 pounds making it one of the lightest ebikes on the market. The 2.0 weighs in a 64 pounds, 18 pounds heavier. Both ebikes fold but picking up and moving the 2.0 is more clumsy due to that extra weight.


The XP 2.0 comes with fenders, a rear rack and front suspension which lets you go more places and do more things. The Lite has none of those so its more of a sleek street only ride.


The XP 2.0 features a Lithium Ion 48v 9.6ah with a 4-6 hour charge time and up to 45+ mile range*. Throttle only range is 20 miles. The XP Lite on the other hand has a 7.8ah battery and has a max range of 40 miles (in the lowest PAS setting). The Lite goes 15 miles if you just use throttle only.

Now that you know what both ebikes can do which one should you buy? Here's what I think.

  • Buy the XP Lite if you are more of a casual ebike rider. Buy it if you need a space saving electric bike that wont bust your wallet ($799). Buy it if you need a lightweight ebike.
  • Buy the XP 2.0 if you want to go farther and faster. You can actually change the settings on this ebike to go 26 MPH (with pedaling). The Lite is limited to 20 MPH. Buy the 2.0 if you want to go on some light dirt trails in addition to road riding. Its also a better choice for commuting.

The link below is my affiliate link for Lectric ebikes.

The XP 2.0 sells for $999 so its also a very affordable option. Click here to go to the Lectric website and learn more. Shipping takes about a week.

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