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So you want to get an ebike? I've noticed that the majority of new riders are folks who may not have picked up any bike in years so it's worthy to note a few things about how these ebikes will travel.

In my latest video I break down five key tips for new ebike riders. If you have any other suggestions just leave a comment. Much of what I talk about in this episode can be applied to nearly any rear hub motor ebike.

Her's what new bikes need to know;

1. Using the Throttle

Most ebikes come with a throttle (either thumb or twist) unless they are a Class 1 ebike which is only pedal assist. I mainly use the throttle for two reasons: Street Crossings and Starting the ebike. Use of the throttle gets you across any intersection safely and quickly. Its also great to get started from a standstill. Most of these ebikes are on the heavier side so if you are in a high gear while stopped the throttle is the perfect way to takeoff.

2. When to Shift Gears

If you haven't ridden a bike with multiple gears before here's a refresher. The typical ebike will come with 7 gears and I normally ride around town in 7th gear. I shift down when starting a hill climb. Shifting down to 2nd or 3rd is also helpful on takeoff to get the wheels spinning if you'd rather not throttle up.

3. Dont Pedal into Turns

The most surprising thing about riding an ebike for the first time is that if you are turnin 7th ebike at slow speeds and you start to pedal you'll activate pedal assists which may cause you to unexpectedly speed up. So just coast into turns/while cornering so you don't push yourself out of line.

4. Riding without Assist

On flat ground with no pedal assist turned on riding an ebike is quite doable. You'll probably want to shift into a lower gear to do that. Expect to ride in speeds between 7-9 MPH with the bike turned off.

5. Unlocking your Ebike

Some ebikes like the Lectric XP in my video can be unlocked to go from a Class 2 Ebike (20MPH) to a Class 3 Ebike (28MPH). Not all ebike companies allow you to do this so you'll have to check with their support to see if its even possible. Going from 20 to 28 MPH will require you to pedal and put some effort into it.


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