Chris and Reg Travel, Shattering the Concrete Ceiling of Diversity in Travel and Lifestyle Influencer Marketing

Chris and Reg Travel

Travel and lifestyle influencer marketing has organically developed into one of the most diversity void segments of digital marketing.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 -- Chris and Reg Travel is a married, racially diverse content creation and social influencing team that focuses on the travel and lifestyle industry. Chris (Christina) is a Caucasian female of Romanian descent and Reg (Reginald) is an African American male and over the past three (3) years, they have used their experience as storytellers, photographers, videographers, and digital creators to deliver content that helps brands move closer to racial parity in its digital advertising.

“When Reg and I started this journey, we had no idea where it would take us, but we recognized two glaring facts that fueled us; first, we absolutely loved traveling and second, the face of travel and lifestyle clearly lacked diversity”, said Chris.

Validating the lack of diversity in travel and lifestyle is easy, just open your image browser and type in terms like travel, travel influencer, or the name of some well-known all-inclusive resorts. In many of those search results, you will find that the idea of diversity is dressed up and served to us in the form of staff members attending to non-diverse guests as they lounge in leisure.

Forbes Magazine published an article by Kate Talbot called, “Diversity In Influencer Marketing: Why Representation Matters”. In that article, Eric Toda, former marketing executive at Gap, Inc., Airbnb, Nike, and Snapchat who created global campaigns with iconic influencers like Beyonce' and Kim Kardashian shared his thoughts. “You tend to see marketers let their unconscious Global Hotel Brand 5G Mobile Communications Brand biases’ make decisions. It’s not a secret that marketing is a predominantly white industry so naturally there are marketers who choose influencers who look like them; it’s safe, it’s relatable, but unfortunately, it’s not real life.”

Chris and Reg Travel have been shattering these norms by working with global travel and lifestyle brands like Hyatt, T-Mobile, Frito-Lay, and many more to help foster a real sense of diversity and inclusion in their digital advertising. “We love being that small catalyst in an incredibly large and complex ecosystem,” said Reg. “We strive to positively contribute to the fuel that inspires all to embrace new experiences and perspectives with the added value of diversity.”


Chris and Reg Travel is a diverse content creation and social influencing organization focusing on travel and lifestyle. Creating and sharing captivating content that highlights locations, brands, and experiences through the lens of diverse eyes.

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The U.S. is a multi-cultural and ethnic melting pot. Traveling has enriched our experience, allowing us to become more familiar with those around us and in our own communities. We see travel as a valuable opportunity to help others embrace diversity and make the world a more peaceful place for ALL.


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