Opinion: A terrible possibility we all face at one time or another


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One day you will meet someone you trust with all your heart. Of course, you’d put them over anyone. But instead, you will support them against friends and family’s better judgment because you are trustworthy and caring.

You want to support them because they gave you a story of abuse and told you that you do what no one ever has for them. So you fall for them hard. They even drop the “twin flame” scenario.

You will have talked about life most only dream. You laugh, take little trips, travel, have the same sense of humor, cook together, and show affection towards one another. They can’t get enough of one another.

You are determined to go against all odds and everyone around you to make it work.

Then it happens again. They lie, betray, minimize their lies, and lie more.

One day the person you trust the most will become the most untrustworthy.

They are nothing as they are portrayed. Everything was an act while they played you and many others.

It was all manipulation.

Giving trust away too quickly and ignoring red flags can have devastating consequences.

The only problem?

You will need some time away from the person to realize what the red flags were in the beginning that you ignored. Because there will be a bunch, but they were subtle. They’ve honed their manipulative skills over the years to perfection. Almost completely unnoticeable.

You are now all those abusive exes they told you about.

But, unfortunately, they are talking about you the same way they do them.

You see it all now, but your denial won’t let you accept it. You will overthink, explode, chase, binge drink, and self-destruct while they walk off like you are insane.

How could they date again so quickly? How are they moving in with the person already? You two had a real connection. They just told you last week they were sorry.

Manipulation, to this degree, changes a person.

It “will” change you.

It’s up to you if it’s for good or bad.

Only you can decide.

Take your pick

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