Opinion: How Living a Life of "Quiet Desperation" Destroys Purpose


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Your alarm goes off, and you hit snooze. Another miserable day at the office. Or maybe the factory, either or, you’re sick of this life.

You roll over and look at the same face you’ve been staring at for the last 10+ years. Maybe you love her, perhaps you don’t, but you thought life would be different than this. You two seem to have lost your “connection” years ago.

Weekend relief

But it’s Friday! And you have weekends off; weekends are for escaping the miserable life you’ve created and carry with pride. You tiptoe down the hallway not to wake your 2 kids; you love them to death, but a break would be nice at times. You keep telling yourself you wouldn’t do anything different, but you know that’s a lie deep down.

You are making do with what you have. You’re living the American Dream right now, right? Now put that tie on, better yet, that smile, and go into work praising people you’d like to kick but can’t because you signed up for a life you hate.

Societal Conditioning

I know some people love their job, family, and the whole nine yards, and I respect that. But I’m here to tell you many don’t; they hate it, but it’s what they accept, and they don’t know any different. They think this is all life has to offer, and they are so afraid of going outside the norm they live a quiet life of desperation.

For some, the only peace they get is when they take the daily paper in the restroom to relieve themselves at work. They are puppet to a society that will chew you up and spit them out with no mercy. You some how find the courage to muster through yet another week of the soul-sucking, clock punching, job you call a career.

Your life has become robotic in a sense; it’s predictable. Same friends, same happy hours, same vacations, same hours, same fucking routine that you’ve learned to accept but silently hate. You question yourself time and time again.

There has to be more to life?

The power of change

You need adventure; you need some kind of change but don’t know what. You’re tired of living a life deemed “successful” by society’s standard but not yours. Something feels off, and you don’t know how to change it.

Fear has a way of working in mysterious ways. It can be disguised as love, comfort, hate, anxiety, and many other things that are slapped with a label, but the underlying meaning is “fear.”

So if you’re stuck, try something different. Take that trip you always wanted to take, start that business you keep talking yourself out of. Start using that gym membership you haven’t used in months but keep promising you will. Stop destructive self-sabotaging behaviors and face the fear head on. Get uncomfortable with it as you try and get to the root cause.

Final thoughts

This stuffs, not easy, I know. I live it every day, and every day is a struggle for the most part. I’ve learned to accept it is all by my own doings. I don’t have kids; I’m not married; it’s just me.

One of my biggest demons is my thoughts. Thoughts can lift you or break you if you let them. It’s time I start facing the demons head-on and quit running.

It’s so easy to get lost in your thoughts with no exit plan in sight unless it is forced.

I don’t want to be forced, do you?

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