Opinion: Do Intelligent People Fall for The Manipulation of a Narcissists?


*I share my opinions, experiences, and knowledge on my path through narcissistic abuse*

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It has nothing to do with your IQ or how smart you are. Unfortunately, some of the most intelligent people can lack self-awareness.

The problem is that most people involved with a Narcissist aren’t educated in Narcissistic abuse.

Yea, maybe they have dated an arrogant prick or a cheater, but to date, a Cluster B personality is like walking into a new dimension. One that you never knew existed. Then when you first arrive, it is the most beautiful experience you’ve ever had! Of course, you will pinch yourself to see if this is all a dream.

Then BAM! The confusion begins to set in. You are running in circles, and to every corner, in this new dimension you found looking for an exit. But you're stuck and can't escape!

Exiting is the most challenging part once you enter. It has nothing to do with how smart you are. The problem lies with what you didn’t know. And no book or schooling could teach you about this experience.

It’s almost like a hidden dimension. Some enter this dimension and don’t even know they are there; they are the unfortunate ones. But, they forever stay, waiting to catch a glimpse of what it was when they first arrived. By the time the trauma bond has it's grasp and escaping will seem next to impossible.

Many spend years there. With each day that passes, you begin questioning your sanity. You think maybe it is you; maybe it’s not that bad? Maybe what they say about you is accurate. Perhaps you are reacting harshly at times, and you just need to trust them and cut them slack?

One thing I realized is it doesn’t matter how smart you are. Smarts have nothing to do with avoiding these parasites, but awareness does.

Once you gain self-awareness, you will never fall for them again. And the way to achieve awareness is to experience the wrath of destruction.

And the unfortunate part of the experience is it’s god awful, the worst experience you will ever have. If not, the worse, a top three.

And that my friend has nothing to do with smarts. Intelligence won’t help you here.

I’m sorry.

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