Opinion-What Kind of Woman Would You Never Cheat on?


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When James first met Louise, she was everything he ever wanted. Independent, intelligent, pretty, funny, spiritual, self-aware, and so much more.

Or so he thought.

James grew closer and closer as the months went on, and it happened. He caught her cheating with what he thought was her ex-husband, but she was still married.

She apologized and promised to get a divorce. James loved her and wanted to believe her, so he stayed and supported her.

Even though she got her divorce eventually, it wasn't before she cheated more, lied, and manipulated him into insanity over the years. He lost count of the number of men in her life. James learned a painful lesson in this relationship about boundaries and trust.

James finally had enough and left.

Carl and Jen

Carl met Jen. Their relationship started slow, as friends, and grew into something special. They traveled and had their separate hobbies and interest as well as similar interest.

They trusted one another, and things were going great until Carl's job moved him to the other side of the world.

Jen wasn't capable of moving and, in all honesty, didn't want to.

She encouraged Carl to pursue his passion and gave him a helluva send-off party. But, while they were madly in love, they had different paths in life. And they both accepted that. And supported one another through the painful break-up.

Until this day, they remain friends.

The moral of the two stories

There is no "kind" of woman you EVER cheat on. There is never an excuse for cheating. But, unfortunately, people nowadays will make up the most outlandish excuses as to why they cheat.

Commitment doesn't exist in today's society any longer. It's easier to cheat, lie and manipulate than to address the personal issues that lead to cheating in the first place.

Mature, respectful, secure, and healthy men leave or address the issue before cheating.

Cheating is never the answer.

It's as simple as that.

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