Opinion: When The Illusion of Self Love Goes Wrong


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I would say it’s more difficult to do than it is "important" Doesn’t matter how important something is unless take action, but more importantly know what action you need to take.

Very few love “themselves.” Sure they go around and say it, but sit back and watch their actions. You will quickly see this person isn’t capable of loving anyone, let alone themselves.

Many love "if conditions and expectations”are put in place. When this happens welcome to the misery of codependency. This creates a lot of dysfunctional people saying they love, when they haven’t a clue what love is.

You wanna know the kicker? To start this painful journey to self love, you have to go through frustration, pain, and confusion to realize what you need to do.

This path usually entails some abusive partner to knock you around mentally, emotionally, spiritually and possibly physically for you to realize you have the love "thing" all wrong.

Manipulation, betrayal, lies, gaslighting, cheating, none of that is love. And fighting for the potential of an abuser isn’t love either.

If you are in a battle with yourself over some abusive person who abused you, this could be the kick-start you need to begin your journey.

But most never jump on that path, they’d rather sit in the misery giving chance after chance while trying to prove to someone a “love” when that person could careless about you.

Before we figure out we don't love ourselves. We will have to fall in love with a few painful, abusive people, the fewer the better.

Once you find someone who abuses you so bad you don’t think it can get any worse, well…….it will. And giving them multiple chances you are showing them what you will accept. Here is a good time to initiate your journey to self love and spend some "real" time alone.

Everyone talks about Self Love but no one can do it.

You will never find someone to love you the way you need to love yourself.

Walk away. Let that abusive, manipulate person go. Set yourself free.

Remove yourself from their control and delusion.

I bet ya can.

What do you think?

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