Opinion: Taylor Swift's New Song "Anti-Hero" Has a Hidden Meaning. Do you Know What it is?


It's me, Hi. I'm the problem it's me

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After experiencing toxic relationships, this song hit me in a whole new way I didn’t believe existed. There’s no better explanation put into a song of the confusion Narcissistic abuse can have on a victim. The song “Anti-Hero” puts a twist on the confusion that follows the gaslighting due to a manipulative relationship.


When I first heard the song on the radio, I thought Swift was talking about herself. And in a sense, I think she is. She is a roundabout-way hinting that no matter what she does, she will be characterized as manipulative and validating seeking, similar to that of a politician.

She is confused. In my opinion, what she is describing is Communal Narcissism. She even drops the word Covert Narcissism in one of the lines. It can appear she is singing about herself unless you dig deeper into her lyrics.

Did you hear my covert narcissism disguised as altruism — Taylor Swift.

Her lyrics are a masterpiece of what it is like to suffer the harsh rasp of a trauma bond.

I have this thing where I get older but never wiser — Taylor Swift.

I mean dang, I said this a million times! She mentions ghosting people standing in the “same” room with her. And this is where it gets confusing; at least in the beginning, it did for me. But I have “ghosted” so many people because I was embarrassed by the situations I was putting up with. So I can see why some would get confused thinking she was the Narcissist.

I should not be left to my own devices. They come with prices and vices I end up in crisis — Taylor Swift.

Wow, just wow. If you have suffered from any type of trauma in your life, this will hit you at a new level. There is so much truth in this simple line. The human mind can only absorb so much abuse before there is a need to escape. It could be conscious or subconscious, but the mind will direct you accordingly.

The reality of gaslighting

She continually blames herself throughout the song. But if you are with a covert narcissist, they sometimes initially take the blame for the abuse. Still, they have a clever way of twisting it in a “passive-aggressive” way where the victim will, in the end, blame themselves. This is exactly what the lead line in Swift’s song says. “It’s me, hi. I’m the problem; it’s me.”

I never thought much of Swift until now. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like her, but she seemed precisely like who she writes about in this song. She sings about how others view her. For being so young to experience what she has and be able to express it so clearly in lyrics is a pure gift.

Sometimes I feel like everyone is a sexy baby, and I’m a monster on a hill — -Taylor Swift.


If you listen closely, she blames herself a lot. This a classic sign of someone that has experienced Narcissist Abuse. I believe she is expressing her feelings as if she is the abuser, but the gaslighting has convinced her she is the problem. She has been called a narcissist by many in the public eye.

This interview with her on Instagram is a prime example of an abuse victim blaming themselves and being confused. She says the song is about what she doesn’t like about herself.

The wrap-up

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how popular, pretty or famous you are. All abusive relationships can break you. It doesn’t matter who you are. In researching some of her other songs, she definitely sings more on narcissism and the abuse tactics that accompany it.

Narcissism is becoming more and more prevalent in society and is being discussed more. I believe this is a good thing for society as a whole. Narcissism is everywhere, and the more awareness we bring to this type of abuse could save someone the pain of going through it.

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