Not 1, not 2, but 13 coins - the 24 Hour restaurant you can't miss out on

I now introduce the late night, after the bar (or any other time) - must do! This will be apart of your night on the town, every time! 13 coins is a bar/restaurant that will keep you coming back over and over again. They are open 24/7 (check hours based on COVID) and ready for you at any time.

They have amazing cocktails and super good food. It is exactly what you wanted late night diners to be, but sadly never delivered. 13 coins delivers and then some! The atmosphere makes you feel like royalty, the food makes you feel satisfied, and the drinks are perfect.

When you walk in, you'll see the high top chairs, the booths that reach the ceiling, and all of the classy decorations. The atmosphere is perfect for all of your social media posts. Your elegant night is just around the corner!

I have never had anything bad from 13 coins, here are some of my recommendations:

- Fried Ravioli ($10) - deep fired ravioli with marinara dipping sauce

- Coconut Prawns ($19) - fired coconut prawns, sooo good!

- Classic Cobb Salad ($20) - I know it is a salad, just trust me

- "The Believer" ($24) - My favorite thing on the menu; its chick parmigiana with alfredo type sauce

- Monte Cristo ($15) - I have never had a better one, anywhere

Have a classy martini and enjoy your meal!

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