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WWII Veteran a victim of elder abuse.

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Update: Commerce Bank of Kansas City Mo, who allowed the son, Carl J Pluchino to not only steal his father's money three months after the account was opened, with no red flags or thoughts that this could be a crime, according to the branch manager Angela of the Blue Springs Mo location we spoke to. After the investigation was started, (April 2nd) they put notes in the system to not allow Carl j Pluchino to touch the account he opened in his name only at the same bank he originally stole it from. We know that the money was there through the end of May or beginning of June, according to a bank representative we spoke with, (Who asked to not reveal his name for reasons of losing his Job)

He stated to us the notes show that the original branch manager at the Blue Springs Mo location permitted the son, Carl J Pluchino to drain and close the account that was under investigation! Per an email read to us by Angela, the security representative,Tracy also notified Carl J Pluchino at the beginning of the reports on the behalf of John G Pluchino he was under investigation. We called the FDIC and the Federal Reserve to inquire if this was legal or ethical to alert someone who is under investigation and also what we were told by Commerce Bank has done.

We were told by both entities notifying anyone under investigation goes against all banking rules and policies governed by both entities.

To date the only statement we have received is from the “security” representative Tracy, quoted exactly as we were notified ‘Commerce bank/we have done nothing illegal, follow up with the police.Tracy, according to the branch manager Angela at the Blue Springs location is the bank representative who alerted the son, Carl J Pluchino of being under investigation but she denies this to us. With the evasive statements it's very difficult to determine who is telling the truth in this case. It’s a convoluted mess with the only people suffering from this are the man who was taken advantage of and the other son who is doing everything he can to help his father.

The police report number is, 2022-002-003 of the Blue Springs Police Department in Blue Springs MO. We have spoken to these bank representatives directly.

We understand that people wanted to donate to this cause and couldn’t and we truly appreciate you.

We found out that GoFundMe had the wrong link on the campaign the majority of the time. We received an email stating they knew about the issue and were working on it. We would have liked to know this prior but there’s nothing we can do about it now, other than let everyone know and hope you understand.

This is going to sound like it is straight out of a bad movie. Unfortunately, it’s all 100% true.

When we hear about elderly abuse, we usually assume nursing homes are involved. Well, this does not involve a nursing home, this involves a WWII Veteran and his son.

When we found John Pluchino - who lived in a duplex he shared with his son and daughter - he was sick, scared and alone. He had no food, no car, and no phone. All we found was a quarter gallon of three-week-old, expired milk. The story starts with a widowed man who lost his home of 50 years to a fire in 2019. His son, 58 years old and daughter 63 years old lived in the home with him. After months of problems with the insurance company and the son causing these problems, according to the adjuster ar American Family Insurance, they decided to wash their hands of it and gave him the minimum amount, $150,000 less than he should have gotten. He ended up with a total of $136,000. That was all he had. His son, a lifelong alcoholic and drug addict has spent his entire life living off others, mainly his parents. The women he met over the years left because of his laziness and addiction.

So many times, everyone tried to get him help, but he would ignore it or run from it. His mind is so far gone he doesn’t remember what he’s done over the years. After months living in a hotel after the fire they finally moved into a duplex, the son took the bedroom with the bathroom and left his father on a couch for a year with no bed, furniture, or anything else.

Now, the son somehow scammed a power of attorney over his father and became his “caregiver” of sorts. During this time, he was slowly getting everything in place to steal everything and leave him to die. And he did just that.

When we found the father, he had a urinary tract infection so severe the doctor was amazed he lived through it. He stated the pain started three years prior. He asked his son to take him to the doctor, but the son refused. The son gave him prescription medicine not for the treatment of his diagnosis but for prostate cancer! The doctor asked if he had taken any, he said no, luckily all pills in the prescription were accounted for. She said that would have been extremely dangerous for a man of his age to take.

All the sudden the daughter became very sick and ended up in a hospital on life support. It just happened to be the same day the son (who has been scamming the state of Missouri for disability) had to go to one of his therapy sessions for five weeks! He had been leaving four days a week for a year prior to this stating he was in therapy for his “injuries”.

He forwarded all his mail, including the fathers to an undisclosed location. The son even had his name on his pension checks. While we were there attempting to take care of everything the electricity was turned off. I called and they stated the son had it turned off because he was beat up by his roommate. A 95-year-old man and a sister on life support! He also had the water turned off, the excuse he gave them was new renters were moving in. The police happened to be there while this was going on and heard everything.

A police report was made after three attempts, and they still haven’t done anything. Meanwhile the bank that allowed the son to not only steal all his money also allowed him to close the account and open another one with only his name on it. No red flags, as the branch manager stated. This was 90 days after it was opened.

We have set up a GoFundMe to help with expenses for this man. He’s in very good condition now but deserves to live the rest of his life in peace. If you would like to donate help please contact us at We are not allowed to put the link up on News Break under their affiliate restrictions.

It’s a sad situation that happens far too often. When the state decides there is more important things that overshadow the life of a true American hero who served his country in one of the worst wars in history, it’s a sad situation. This is something that every state needs to take seriously.

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