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New restaurant in Oakbrook Lazy Dog - My Review

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Last year I drove by this restaurant while it was under construction and was super excited to check them out. 

My next restaurant that I visited was Lazy Dog in Oak Brook, IL

I have been super excited for this place to open and Oakbrook for quite some time. I have heard mixed reviews about this restaurant from it being complete fantastic to mediocre. I have also read reviews where they say it is so busy and to be prepared for large crowds.

Fried chicken dinnerPhoto byCFK

I decided to go with my wife on a weekday afternoon around 1 p.m.

The restaurant was fairly busy, but nothing overwhelming.

I was trying to gauge a vibe for this restaurant. The workers all wore flannel shirts and jeans. The restaurant looks like a large log cabin.

I do not know if it was trying to be more of a southern style restaurant, but when I looked through the menu, it did offer some southern classics. However, it was by no means a southern style menu in regards to food.

There was plenty of wait staff. I was greeted by a worker who I am not sure if she was a supervisor or manager or just a server. She told me that someone would be with me to take my drink order when some time passed and no one showed up. She then took over to be our server.

I tried one of their specialty non alcoholic drinks called the Jamaican lemonade. The drink consisted of fruit juices, such as pomegranate and orange juice with coconut milk. The drinks were very tasty. 

Crispy wingsPhoto byCFK

My only complaint was that it was loaded with pulp. I am not one to like pulp in my orange juice. There also was a sweet and sour mix. All of these acidic juices left me with some serious heartburn later.

The menu had many items on it. It was split up into dinner and brunch all in one menu half the menu I cannot order off of due to the fact that it was for a different times of the day.

I decided to try an appetizer, which was the crispy chicken wings. My wife decided to have a side Caesar salad.

Ceaser saladPhoto byCFK

While I waited for our appetizers, our server dropped our sauces that were in various bottles. The sauces though were quite strange. They consisted of a mustard style sauce, a soy plum sauce, barbecue sauce, and a orange hot sauce. There were quite an eclectic group of sauces that I do not know how they chose to be sauces to be put on the table. I don’t know where the mustard would fit in. While also waiting for appetizer, I continued to look over the menu and noticed that this restaurant had a lot of Asian inspired offerings. I think the menu was kind of all over the board with what theme it was going for.

The appetizers arrived and my wife enjoyed her salad. Nothing really special. My chicken wings were OK, again nothing special. The sauces that came with the wings were the sauces that were dropped off at our table, minus the mustard style sauce and they also added blue cheese. The blue cheese was kind of runny. I do not think I would order that appetizer again if I returned.

I then put in my order for my main dishes. I ordered the sticky ribs with umami fries. My wife ordered the fried chicken dinner.

While I waited for her main dishes, I again looked around the restaurant and noticed there was a steady flow of customers coming in. This was a busy restaurant. I spoke with our server, and she told me that she really thought we should stop by for their brunch on the weekends. She also told us to get there extremely early due to the fact it gets overwhelmingly busy. I do not think I will subject myself to something like that. No thank you.

Sticky ribsPhoto byCFK

The main dishes arrived to the table. I took a bite of my wife’s dish first to see how the chicken was. It was two boneless chicken breasts with a scoop of mashed potatoes, and a small container containing white gravy. There also was a mishmash of vegetables.

The chicken in my opinion tasted like something from a premade Tyson breaded chicken breast that you can buy in any frozen section at your grocery store.

InsidePhoto byYelp

The real winner was my dish. The sticky ribs were absolutely delicious. The umami fries were also super delicious. 

The meat and the ribs were extremely tender even though they stated that they deep fry the ribs. They were not dry. The fries were crispy with a sauce drizzled on top that really complimented all the flavors.

Inside patioPhoto byYelp

I could definitely not eat all of the sticky ribs that came with my dish. I took some home.

The real shocker was the bill at the end of the meal. I was not expecting it to be over $100. Be prepared to pay a lot for food here. This place is not cheap.

The breakdown of this restaurant is that the servers and service are very friendly. The food was good and in some parts somewhat mediocre.

I still do not know what the overall theme that they are trying to do with this restaurant. Again, the food is all over the board like a Cheesecake Factory. The only difference is I feel the Cheesecake Factory has better food.

The price that I paid for my meal I do not think correlated with the overall quality for many of the items. This is more of a casual Longhorn Steakhouse-style establishment, maybe one step above Chili’s. I do not think it constitutes two entrées, a salad and appetizer being $100.

I rate Lazy Dog restaurant a 5  out of 10. I may return in the future, but that may be some time from now.

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