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The Best Italian Meatball Sandwich I have ever had is in This Italian Deli in Schaumburg, IL

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 I love nothing more than when I come across an establishment by complete luck and this establishment turns out to be a home run, in regards to food service and quality.
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The name of this eatery is Finuccio and Sons Italian Deli & catering in Schaumburg.

I was sitting around my house and wanted to grab something to eat for lunch. I googled Italian delis in my area. One popped up highly reviewed, which was called Finuccio and Sons Italian deli. I thought let’s go get this place a try and see how it turns out.
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When I arrived at Finuccio and Sons it was around 11:30 AM. The reviews all talked about this place having a legendary, meatball sub. I decided that was what I was going to try. 

When I entered the eatery, it was a half grocery store half eatery concept. The grocery store parts carried authentic Italian foods, like pastas and sauces. They also have a cooler area where they sold pre-made frozen items, such as meatballs and sauces.
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I was greeted by one of the owners, Stacy, who was extremely friendly and asked what sandwich I would like to go with. I told her I would like to try her meatball sub with hot giardinera. Stacy suggested I try it with provolone cheese. Who am I to turn down a cheese option? I went with the problem cheese on the sandwich.
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My order was up in minutes. I sa tat one of the tables facing the front counter of the deli.

I took my first bite of the meatball sub. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the bread. The extremely delicious meatballs that were cooked, perfectly extremely savory. The marinara sauce was so simple gets so flavorful I was in food euphoria.
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This had to be one of the top three meatballs I’ve ever had in my life.

As I sat eating my sandwich in food heaven, the owner, whose name is Fino asked me how I liked the sandwich. I told him I couldn’t believe how good the sandwich was. It literally blew me away.
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We got to talking and he began to tell me that every single ingredient he uses in his sandwiches is homemade. The bread is freshly baked in house. The giardinera is made by him. The meatballs are all fresh and hand rolled.
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He also told me that I must try one of his cannolis and that he makes his own ricotta. I jokingly made a comment asking if he also built the tables. We laughed but it was true. Everything here had such quality about it and care that only an owner who loves what they do could provide to the customers.

I sat at my table, watching more and more customers come to the door. Every single person that came to the door was a regular that Stacy would greet them with asking if they would like their usual. She knew every single person and what they ate down to their particular order.
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In between the lunch rush of customers I got to talk with Fino and Stacy about their business. They have been open for three years. They literally opened months after Covid and survived the horrific after affects of the pandemic in regards to restaurant closures. The quality of their product that they produce to their customers and their loyalty and friendliness made them survive.

I had to try one of their cannolis before I left. I again could not believe how delicious this simple cannoli was all homemade if I had 20 of these miniature cannolis in front of me, I would probably eat every single one they were addictive.

As I write this article, I am literally thinking to myself: should I go back there today and get another sandwich? It was that good.

I don’t know if it is just luck of the draw in regards to the restaurants that I have been reviewing, but this again gets a rare rating of 10 out of 10. 

I cannot stress to you enough how much you need to go visit this place. Run don’t walk because it does get busy around lunchtime. The owners are fantastic people that need to be supported by their community for

No matter how hard it how much effort it takes to give the customer the best possible product they can provide.

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