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Garibaldi’s in Hoffman Estates restaurant review

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I have always driven by this pizza location. I have been told by many friends that they have solid pizza and I need to check them out.

The name is Garibaldi's in Hoffman Estates.

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There are two locations for Garibaldi‘s. The first is in Arlington Heights and the second is in Hoffman Estates. I chose to go to the Hoffman Estates location to do this review of their pizza.

The moment that you walk in it has a vibe like a 50s diner. The menu has so many items on it, such as Italian beef, burgers, hotdogs, and more. They are not only known just for pizza.

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It was lunchtime when I arrived at the location. The lunch rush was pretty busy. Many of the people that were ordering seemed like regulars.

I asked to do a slice of sausage and pepperoni to try both to give a thorough review.

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I waited about 10 minutes for my slices to be ready. I am not sure if they were made to order or if they were premade. I will say both the slices were huge.

I first tried the sausage slice. The crust was very crunchy. The dough did not have a lot of flavor, but I did like the texture. There was a ton of cheese which was good. The sauce also had a forgettable flavor. The sausage tasted like mediocre sausage. My best evaluation would be it tasted very much like Home Run pizza.

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The pepperoni had better flavor, but was extremely greasy, which was to be expected. The cheese immediately sloughed off and became a pile of cheese mess.

The flavor of the pepperoni pizza, like I said, was better than the sausage. I do not think I would make an effort to order from here if I lived in the area. The pizza was just average at best.

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I may come back to Garibaldi‘s and try their other items on their menu.

I rate Garibaldi‘s in Hoffman Estates a rating of 5 out of 10. I would say if you were in the area to go check them out.

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