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New Trendy Salad Restaurant in Schaumburg Does it live up to the hype?

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 There have been many restaurants throughout the years that I consider fad restaurants.

These restaurants gain popularity either via social media or from a celebrity or popular Internet influencer.
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Rarely do these restaurants ever hold up to one’s expectations and are good for a few Instagram photos and then fade away into obscurity.

The latest restaurant that has come to the Schaumburg area that fits this category is called Sweet Greens.

Sweet greens gained popularity from the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kendall Jenner frequently would be seen ordering salads from sweet greens.
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I took it upon myself to go check this place out to see if it is as good as its hype.

The first attempt that I made to check this place out was on a Saturday. They have about 10 tables along the wall where you can sit.

Every single table was filled. Some of the tables were filled with workers from Sweet Greens eating.

The line to order was moving slower than molasses. The ordering process is very much like chipotle. All you need to do is walk up to a line and order through plexiglass to point to what you would like in your salad.
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There are also signature salads that you can order without having to go through the selection process.

When I walked in a girl behind the counter looked exhausted like she did not want to be there. She asked me if I wanted to do a pickup order. I responded with no I was going to order from the line.

I waited in line for 15 minutes and I the line did not move I decided that I would try this place another day because there was nowhere to sit even after I would have waited to put my order in.
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I waited until midweek on a Tuesday to try again. I also did some research before I ordered. The consensus was to put in your order online and pick it up - do not wait in line.

I also learned that the number one salad here was called the crispy rice salad. I put my order in online and headed towards sweet greens.

My order was ready on the shelf when I arrived. I ordered the crispy rice salad. I also ordered two sides their most popular ones. The sweet potato home fries. I also ordered their spicy cauliflower.

The salad was around $15 and each of the sides was around $4 dollars.

I first tried cauliflower. It was covered in crispy rice with two separate dipping sauces. The cauliflower was completely ice cold and mushy. It was so offputting I could barely chew the first bite.
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The second side that I tried was the sweet potatoes. They tasted like pure perfume. I could only attribute the flavor to walking into a candle store and eating a candle it was awful.

My salad was below average and it was edible. Rice looked like rice crispies were on top of the salad. The salad was small and all greens no real toppings. The cashew dressing was not good.

I could never see myself coming back here and ordering this again. This is ridiculous the flavors were horrific and the portions were very small.

This is one fad eatery that definitely did not live up to any other hype.

I give sweet greens a rating of 2 out of 10. I could not recommend this place at all.

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