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The best BLT sandwich I have ever had is at a Deli in Elk Grove Village

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I was talking with one of my work colleagues about great places that were local in my area to eat.

I was told that there was this small unassuming deli in Elk Grove Village that really has good sandwiches.

The name of this deli is All ways Catering and Deli in Elk Grove Village.

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The location of this small deli is in a strip mall right off Devon Avenue.

I drive by this area all the time and never thought to ever pull into this area. I would not think that there was a hidden gem hiding in plain sight.

I decided to stop in on a Wednesday to check the place out. The hours are only open till 3 PM.

I walk in and can see that there is a small deli with a small café area to sit in and eat. The other half is devoted to video game gambling machines.

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I start talking with a gentleman who turns out to be the owner. His name is Tim. I asked him what was really good there. I would love to possibly review your establishment.

He told me that I needed to stop by on Friday. That is the day that he makes his famous BLT sandwich.

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Tim began to tell me that people start lining up before the place opens to get the sandwich. He also told me that I should get there early, a couple of minutes before 11 AM, to secure my sandwich.

I told Tim that I would be back on Friday to check out this famous BLT sandwich.

I arrived that Friday at 10:45. I walked in to see Tim frantically working in his kitchen to get everything prepared for the rush of the sandwiches.

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He told me to have a seat and that he would bring out my BLT. I sat and watched as people started to line up at the door. There first were five people then 10 then 15. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like a scene from Gene and Judes hotdogs. I was shocked that I never heard of this place before.

Tim dropped off my sandwich at my table as people started to fill up the café area to eat this famous BLT sandwich.

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I will say from the first looks of the sandwich it was packed full of bacon. I have never seen a BLT packed with so much bacon before. I had the option of getting it on white or wheat bread. I opted to get it on white bread.

I took a bite and it was absolutely delicious. I did not think that a simple BLT could have so much flavor. The sandwich was truly unique and the best BLT I’ve ever had in my life.

The bacon was perfectly crisp, the lettuce was cold and perfect, and the tomato complemented the creamy mayo. I was in heaven.

The line continued to form as Tim frantically was putting out sandwiches to eager customers.

The line kept coming and the phone began to continuously ring for people wanting to get orders.

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This continued until Tim had to tell people that he had run out of bacon for the day.

I sat and talked with Tim after this frantic rush of customers started to die down.

He told me that it is almost impossible to keep up with such demand for these sandwiches.

He told me that he goes through nearly 100 pounds of bacon on a Friday. He also told me that this was considered a slow day. He normally goes through much more.

Inside main dining roomPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I told him that I definitely had to write an article about the sandwich because it was that good. He gave me some advice and said to please include in the article for people to come early.

He wanted me to emphasize that sandwiches are made to order and once the bacon runs out that it happens again the next Friday.

I also want to add that Tim is one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. I am glad that I was able to discover this place by chance.

Tim also told me that he regularly hosts special events that are open to the public with musical performers and food.

I cannot emphasize enough that I think everyone needs to go check this place out, especially on Friday, to try out this famous BLT sandwich.

I guarantee it will be the best BLT sandwich you’ve ever had in your life. I rate All ways Catering and Deli a 9 out of 10.

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