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My List of 16 foods you must try while in Chicago and Suburbs

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Here is My List of 16 Things you have to do while in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

1. Lou Malnati’s -Multiple Locations

This is my personal favorite deep-dish pizza in Illinois. Lou Malnati got his start in the 1940s working in Chicago's first deep-dish pizzeria. He took his pizza expertise to Lincolnwood, a northern suburb of Chicago, where he and his wife Jean opened the first Lou Malnati's Pizzeria on March 17, 1971. Lou was known for his fun-loving character as well as for making Chicago's best pizza

Tip. Do not forget to ask for their butter crust when ordering a deep dish.
Lou malnatisPhoto by Yelp.

2. Gene and Jude’s - Desplains, IL

Try an authentic Chicago Style Hot Dog form what some call the best hot dog in America. The hotdog is topped with fresh-cut fries. The hotdog itself is loaded with sport peppers, onions, relish, and mustard. Tip - Never ask for Ketchup on the hotdog
Gene and JudesPhoto by Yelp.

3. Garrett Popcorn - Chicago, IL.

This popular popcorn company has been around since 1949 but be prepared for a long line when going to get some.
Garrett popcornPhoto by Yelp.

4. Johnnies Beef in Elmwood Park, IL.

The lines are always long, but they are for a good reason. This is the best Chicago Style Italian beef in all of Illinois.
Johnnies BeefPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

5. Ann Sather - Multiple locations

Try Their Cinnamon Roll. This popular Chicago eatery has been around for over 80 yrs. Their cinnamon rolls are legendary.
Cinnamon RollPhoto by Yelp.

6. Rainbow Cone - Multiple locations.

This classic Chicago dessert is a cone piled high with chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (vanilla with cherries and walnuts), pistachio, and orange sherbet (in that order). It’s a summertime staple and Instagram-worthy dessert that has remained virtually unchanged since it was first scooped in 1926
Rainbow conePhoto by Yelp.

7. Nick and Vitos Chicago, IL

the best Thin Crust Pizza/Tavern Style. This South Side institution that’s been perfecting its cracker-thin pizzas since 1923.
Nick and VitosPhoto by Yelp.

8. Harold Chicken - Multiple Locations.

This popular chain with the majority of its resturants on the South Side. The chicken’s distinctive flavor is a result of being cooked to order in vegetable oil and beef tallow. Their mild sauce — a tomato-tinged, tartly sweet, smoky, and ever-so-slightly spicy sauce.
Harold's ChickenPhoto by Yelp.

9. Calumet Fisheries - Chicago, IL This

small South Side fish shack has been smoking award-winning seafood over specially selected oak logs since 1948.

In 2010, Calumet Fisheries was named in America’s Classics category by the James Beard Foundation. Given to just five restaurants nationwide each year, the award acknowledges places “with timeless appeal, beloved for quality food that reflects the character of their community” — qualifications that Calumet Fisheries embodies and then some.
Calumet FisheriesPhoto by Yelp.

10. Sun Wah - Chicago, IL

This multi-course Duck Dinner starts with an entire duck, roasted and carved tableside by the family-run spot’s expert staff. You’ll also enjoy steamed bao with garnishes and house-blended hoisin sauce. Then, what remains of the duck is returned to the kitchen where lingering morsels are made into the second course: duck fried rice. Finally, the duck bones are rendered into a duck broth soup as the finishing course.
Sun WahPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

11. Au Cheval - Chicago, IL

The legendary cheeseburger at Au Chevalhas been dubbed not only an iconic Chicago food but one of the best burgers in America

The burger consists of prime W.W. Johnson Farms beef griddled to perfection, Kraft American cheese, housemade pickles, onions, a runny fried egg, thick-cut bacon, and a dollop of tangy Dijonnaise spread stuffed into a buttery double-toasted bun. When ordering this iconic Chicago food, know that the "single" is actually a double, and the "double" is a triple.
Au ChevalPhoto by Yelp.

12. Rosebud Resturant - Chicago- IL

Chicken Vesuvio is a Chicago staple and in my opinion, it is done perfectly at Rosebud. This dish consists of roast chicken with potato wedges and peas sautéed in white wine butter sauce.
Vesuvio ChickenPhoto by Google

13. Supreme Tamale - Chicago - IL

This unique food has been around since 1950 in Chicago. This Tamale does not taste nor looked like a typical Tamale but, it is delicious it is best enjoyed with a Chicago Style Hotdog.
Supreme TamalePhoto by Google

14. Kumas Corner - Multiple Locations

This now-famous Chicago hamburger mecca has been all over multiple food shows. This heavy metal-themed eatery makes some of the best over-the-top hamburgers you will ever see. This is a must-try when in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs.
kumas CornerPhoto by Yelp.

15. Jims Original - Chicago, IL

Maxwell Street Polish. A Maxwell Street Polish consists of a grilled or fried length of Polish sausage topped with grilled onions and yellow mustard and optional pickled whole, green sport peppers, served on a bun. The sandwich traces its origins to Chicago's Maxwell Street market. This location has been serving this famous Chicago original sandwich for decades. I will warn you though this location can get very rowdy at night, so come early.
Maxwell St PolishPhoto by Yelp.

16. Browns Chicken - Multiple Locations

For over 73 years Brown’s Chicken has served Chicagoans. In 1949 when John and Belva Brown opened their first location in a trailer at 80th and Harlem in Bridgeview.

I love Browns Chicken for their chicken, but what I really love that they have that is unique is their fried mushrooms. These perfectly crisp juicy breaded mushrooms are a must try.
Browns Chicken Fried MushroomsPhoto by Yelp.

16. Armands Pizza - Multiple Locations

I love Armands Pizza but for me, they are known best for their Italian Baked Clams. This unique way of preparing clams is a Chicago trademark. Clams are breaded with Italian bread crumbs and seasonings and butter. I love to eat them with lemon and Tabasco sauce.
Baked clamsPhoto by Google

What are some places that I missed? Let me know your favorites in Chicago or Suburbs.

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