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Is Johnnie's Beef in Arlington Heights as Good as The Original Location in Elmwood Park?

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One of my favorite Italian beef’s in all of the Chicagoland area is hands-down Johnnies beef in Elmwood Park.

I always drove by johnny’s second location in Arlington Heights. I always wondered if the taste was the same. I always noticed that it wasn’t as busy as the Elmwood Park location. This automatically made me think it was not as good as the original and Elmwood Park.
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I was in the Arlington Heights area. I was able to check out my next location for a review right when they open.

My next review is for Johnnies beef in Arlington Heights.

You can ask any person from the Chicagoland area what is their favorite Italian beef location. I would guarantee that the majority would say Johnie’s beef in Elmwood Park.
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Johnnies beef has been Chicagoland royalty in the food scene for as long as I can remember.

The Arlington Heights location of Johnnies is a complete contrast to the original in Elmwood Park.

It is without a doubt at least 10x larger. There is an outside give you area. There are numerous tables on the inside of the restaurant for people to sit and eat.
Inside main dining roomPhoto by Yelp.

They also offer promotions on certain food items that are not at the Elmwood Park location.

I arrived at Johnnie's right when they opened around 11 AM.

People were already starting to come in and get beef sandwiches.

I want to make an observation. I always thought that this location did not look busy from the outside. I was definitely wrong this location is very busy.

The reason why it does not look busy is because of how much larger it is than the original in Elmwood Park.
counter to orderPhoto by Yelp.

There was no waiting I put in my order for my typical beef. I always get juicy with hot peppers. I also get a fry and a root beer.

I went to sit at one of the tables inside. The outside area was already pretty much full of patrons.

I unwrapped my gorgeous greasy beef sandwich.

I took my first bite. The bite was very good and delicious.
new Italian Ice flavor of watermelon at this locationPhoto by Yelp.

The question is does it taste as good as the Johnnies beef in Elmwood Park?

I will say it is extremely close in flavor but, not as good as the one in Elmwood Park.

The spices seem to be somewhat different with more oregano. The bread also seems to be different and denser.

I will say even with these flight inconsistencies from the original location. This is a fantastic Italian beef sandwich.

I also want to add that since I no longer live near Elmwood Park as I used to growing in the area. I will gladly go to the Arlington Heights location out of convenience.

The taste is not so different that I feel it would make it worth the trip to go to Elmwood Park.

I want to say if anyone wants to get their Johnnie's beef fix without having to go all the way to Elmwood Park. This is definitely in the spot to go to.

I rate Johnnies in Arlington Heights an 8 out of 10.

I would highly recommend everyone go check them out.

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