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Deep Dish Pizza You have to try in South Barrington.

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I was looking for somewhere new to eat. I have tried most of the restaurants in the South Barrington area already and this was the last one on my list.
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Georgio‘s Chicago pizza in South Barrington.

I arrived at this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon.

The moment I walked in, I realized this place was much larger than I assumed it to be from the outside.
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I also thought for some reason that this was going to look dated like an old-school restaurant.

I was wrong on both assumptions. The restaurant was very modern and very large.

they had outdoor seating but this particular day it was very windy so I chose to sit inside.

We were greeted by our waitress. I ordered a root beer and my wife ordered a Coke.
Deep dish pizzaPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I do not know what brand of root beer they used but it legitimately was one of the best I have ever had.

I also noticed something awesome the drink was extremely cold. I do not know if the pipe that comes out of the dispenser is already cold, but it made for a gratifying experience.

The restaurant started to get somewhat busy.
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I put in an order of their dough bites which were fried Joe seasoned with Parmesan and other spices.

I also put in an order for a medium sausage deep dish.
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The dough bites that we ordered were not coming out. The waitress even told us our food should come out soon. I waited over 20 minutes and still no dough bites.

I flagged on our waitress and said don’t you think it’s unusual that we have not gotten our appetizer yet?
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She looked at us and said I will go check. She then came back and said they will be out momentarily.

The momentarily was another 10 minutes. I think she just forgot to put in the order.

I have noticed this to be a reoccurring issue in most restaurants I dine at post covid that the service is hit or miss.
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The dough bite appetizer had an OK flavor. The dough bites were somewhat greasy. I could not see myself eating too many of these due to the fact I feel the grease would make me nauseous.

The dough bites came with a side of ranch and marinara sauce for dipping.

I did not think I would order them again.

The pizza came out minutes later. The pizza at first looked a little sloppy. I did not know what to expect in flavor.
outside restaurantPhoto by Yelp.

I took my first bite and was immediately in heaven.

The dough was absolutely delicious. The cheese was fresh and creamy. I could tell that they use quality cheese.

The sauce was tangy and very thick.

I really enjoyed this pizza. I would definitely come back to try it again. I also would be ordering from here for takeout if I lived in the area it was that good.

I also want to add that the prices were very fair. The bill was under $50.

I rate Georgio‘s Chicago pizza A solid 7 out of 10.

I recommend everyone to go check this place out.

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