Is Last Crumb Cookies Worth their $150 Price for a dozen?

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I had recently heard about a cookie company based in LA that sells super high-end cookies that are supposedly the best you could ever have.
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I also heard that these cookies were super expensive, but the majority stated they were worth the price.

I knew that as soon as I had the opportunity I would want to try these cookies to see if they are as good as everyone is talking about on social media.

The name of this company of these super high-end cookies is called Last Crumb.
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The first obstacle for many to get these cookies is that once or a couple of times a month Last Crumb will do a limited quantity drop. They will notify you via email or text to let you know that you are able to purchase the cookies.

The cookies sell extremely fast and you usually have less than an hour window to make your purchase before they are sold out.

I also want to mention that these cookies come at a premium. They sell for $13 a cookie, but most buy them in their super exclusive dozen package at a price of $150.

The package consists of 12 unique and exclusive flavors all handmade with the best ingredients.

I was able to get a dozen of these elusive cookies that arrived via UPS two-day delivery.

I will say that this company hands-down has the best packaging of any food item I have ever purchased.

The cookies come in a large black box that is magnetically sealed.

Once you open the box there are individual slots for the cookies and they are each individually sealed with their unique names on every package.

The cookies follow the current trend of being thick and dense, almost like a cake or brownie.

I could only take a piece of each cookie because they are so rich and flavorful. There is no way on earth anyone could make it through this box in one sitting or let alone multiple sittings.

These cookies were delicious. I could definitely tell that the ingredients were all organic and fresh. There was no fake flavoring in any of the tastings that I did.

I will rate each cookie and its name.

#1 - “Not Today Mr. Muffin Man”

The cookie tasted just like a blueberry muffin. It was actually delicious. It was a definite 7 out of 10.
Mr Muffin ManPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#2 - “Netflix and Crunch”

The flavor tasted like a cinnamon cookie almost like the cinnamon pastries from Little Debbie. It was very good. It was a 7 out of 10
Netflix and CrunchPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#3 - “S’mores and Campfire”

The flavor tasted just like a marshmallow-filled s'more. It was very sticky and delicious. I gave it an 8 out of 10
S'moresPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#4 - “Donkey Kong”

This was a banana bread flavor cookie. I really enjoyed this cookie, but it was very greasy. I still loved the flavor and gave it an overall 7 out of 10.
Donkey KongPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#5 - “The Floor is Lava”

This cookie was a lava cake cookie. It was absolutely delicious. I did not care for the powdered sugar on the outside though. I gave this cookie a 6 out of 10.
The floor is lavaPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#6 - “Red Velvet Cookie”

I personally love red velvet flavoring. What made this cookie special was there was a cream cheese filling inside of the cookie. I loved it. I gave it an 9 out of 10.
Red VelvetPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#7 - “Better than Sex”

The cookie was a chocolate chip cookie that was very tasty. I gave it an 8 out of 10.
Better then sexPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#8 - “Everything But The Candles”

This cookie was a birthday cake flavor with sprinkles. I like the flavor, but it was not one of my favorites. I gave it a 6 out of 10.
Everything but the candlesPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#9 - “The Madonna”

It was a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. The flavor of peanut butter was so intense. This is truly a cookie for any peanut butter lover out there. I gave it a 8 out of 10.
The MadonnaPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#10 - “When Life Gives You Lemons”

The flavor of lemon in this cookie gave me a head rush. I could not believe how intense the lemon flavor was in this cookie. I am not a huge fan of lemon flavor, so I gave this cookie a 5 out of 10.
Life gives you lemonsPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#11 - “The Macadamia”

This cookie was a Macadamia cookie and was tasty, but suffered from being too greasy. It was a 5 out of 10.
MacadamniaPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

#12 - “James Dean”

The cookie was an Oreo milkshake flavor. This was my favorite flavor out of the whole box. It was a perfect 10 out of 10.
The james deanPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The packaging was a 10 out of 10. I almost do not want to throw it out because it is that high-end and good-looking. The box seals with a magnetic clasp. I almost feel like most of the price of these cookies must go to the packaging.

I absolutely loved all the cookies that I tried. The question everybody asks - Is it worth the price? I do feel that the price is warranted. I do think the price could come down a little to make it more attainable for many. However, these are niche products and many will see the value in what these cookies offer.

I really enjoyed the overall experience and definitely think that if you could fit it in your budget you need to try them out. The cool thing also is that Last Crumb changes their flavors monthly, so you will not always get the same flavors when you order.

In my final thoughts, I feel that Last Crumb cookies are better than Crumbl Cookies in both taste and quality.

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