This Popular Chicago Steakhouse has Great Food but is also Super Over Packed with People and Close Tables

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My wife recently had a birthday and wanted somewhere close that is usually always a great experience.
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I did not feel like going downtown because downtown has been absolutely insane as of late.

We ended up going to Gibsons in Oak Brook.

I was able to snag a 5 o’clock reservation on OpenTable.

The traffic on this particular day was horrendous, also. I was able to make my reservation in just a minute or two.
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I was greeted by four separate hosts at the check-in area.

I was taken into the main dining room. I was asked if I wanted to be seated inside or outside. I chose inside because, at the time, it was hot and humid. I would soon regret that choice.

The restaurant made an entire second row of tables in an already cramped area in the main dining room.
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I saw the table that was already very small and where my seat was going to be and of course, it was jampacked against another table, leaving no room to pull out their seat.

I felt so extremely claustrophobic. I looked at my wife and we both wondered if we should stay. I had no idea where we would go for dinner at such late notice, so I decided to tough it out and stay at Gibson's.
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The steady flow of people on a Wednesday night was mind-boggling. There was a never-ending flood of bodies walking through the door to be seated.

I do not know if it’s the location, but for some reason, this Gibsons in particular has some of the most obnoxious customers. I sit back and listen to conversations that consist of how much money they have in stocks or how much money they made on a particular deal.
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I also love to listen to how good they are at golf. This place really is a stereotype for the 1% to show off and brag about how rich they are.
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I was greeted by our server who was absolutely fantastic in her service but had zero personality. I felt like I was talking to a very efficient robot. I could not blame her though I imagine dealing with this clientele on an hour-to-hour basis would make anybody's mind numb.

I started my dinner with Cesar salad. It was average, nothing special, and definitely not worth $15.
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They also started to include soups now that come with your steak. The soup of the day was beef barley. My wife liked it. I did not care for it so much. I am more of a cream-based soup lover.

We both ordered the fillets for our main course with a side of loaded mashed potatoes and Elote-style corn.
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The tables by now are at full capacity again. I want to remind you this was a Wednesday at about 5:30 PM.

Our food came out in about 10 to 15 minutes. I will say that the food was actually fantastic. The fillets were delicious and flavorful. The sides were fantastic also.
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The food was very good. The service was also very good, but seeing how packed and how claustrophobic the whole restaurant was made me not want to go back.

The management's decision to add more tables to an already small area makes me truly feel that they do not care about the customer, but only profit.
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The look on the servers’ faces is also just sheer exhaustion and boredom with no lack of enthusiasm whatsoever. It's also quite depressing.

The bill came out to just under $200. I have had multiple experiences at this price point that was far greater than Gibsons in a much more comfortable setting.

This used to be my go-to restaurant for special occasions, but I do not think it will be any longer after my recent experience. I want to make a point that I understand restaurants get busy and crowded and I’m not mad about that. I am mad that they put tables on every single inch of the open floor plan, disregarding the comfort of the customer. I should not be able to bump elbows with the person sitting next to me.

I also want to add that I know the whole world is over Covid and does not care any longer, even though the numbers are through the roof of people contracting it multiple times in a few months. This place is truly a Covid den with how it is set up.

I give Gibsons a rating of 4 out of 10.

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