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I had a very unusual experience with this Lombard Restaurant

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EDIT: Review Update!!

I want to add before you read this review of Babcock Restaurant in Lombard. That after posting this review I have been harassed by the friends of either the employees of Babcock Restaurant or acquaintances of the owners.

I have been receiving a steady stream of attacks from tame to downright obnoxious on my Instagram account.

I write reviews for the simple reasons of making sure the consumer knows what to expect when walking into an establishment, and also to make the owners or managers know how their restaurant is being run and if there is any way they can improve it.

I myself have run many restaurants as a manager and a GM and know the first thing you do not do with any less than stellar reviews is to attack the people who are giving their honest opinion of their experience.

I also looked at many Yelp reviews of this restaurant and any negative feedback is met by the owner viciously attacking the reviewers which is very immature.

I also want to add that all the people who are attacking my Instagram over this review were easily found commenting as friends of the employees and owners on Babcock's Facebook page.

The funny thing is my review of this establishment was not even bad. I just stated the food was average.

I will not be harassed and if need be I will take legal action. so let's STOP! and Let's all grow up.




The restaurant that I recently visited was on my short list of places that I definitely needed to check out.

I had heard nothing but good reviews of this place and Yelp has them at 4 1/2 stars with close to 450 reviews.

Main PicturePhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The name of the restaurant is Babcock‘s Grove House in Lombard.

I was in the downtown Lombard area during the week. The weather was warm in the mid-80s, but it was still humid.

The restaurant has a unique setup visually from the outside. The restaurant is on the corner with concrete steps leading out to a sidewalk-style patio. There are a few tables actually on the concrete steps also.

outside restaurantPhoto by Yelp.

I walked in with my wife and the door was propped open, attempting to let airflow from the outside cool the inside of the restaurant.

outside restaurantPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

This did not really cool off the restaurant. In fact, the inside was humid and very warm with not a lot of airflow.

The restaurant looks to be like an old-school turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor. The owners turned it into a small eatery fitting in a couple of tables inside.

Inside main dining roomPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

The restaurant had a steady flow of customers, many eating outdoors. The restaurant also only had two workers working both the cash register and bringing food out to customers, both indoors and outdoors.

Inside main dining roomPhoto by Yelp.

I was asked by the one worker at the counter if I had been here during lunchtime before. I told him that this was my first time here. He then told me that during lunchtime that I order at the counter and they will bring my food out to whatever table that I chose to sit at.

I decided to eat indoors even though it was muggy and very hot. The outside tables seemed to be very unstable sitting on the concrete steps. I did not want to have any type of incident with them falling with my food.

cheese curdsPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I looked over the menu and it seemed to be pretty much American fare, such as chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, soups, and salads.

I looked at Yelp to see what everyone was raving about and the most commented on was their buffalo chicken sandwich on a potato bun.

buffalo chicken sandwichPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

My wife ended up going with their chicken sandwich. There was the option to have a substitution of honey butter, but I was told they were all out of honey butter.

I also put an order for their cheese curds as an appetizer.

I ordered cokes for our drinks and went back to our table.

chicken sandwichPhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

Looking around the restaurant the two workers seemed pretty overwhelmed and at the same time looked confused and delirious. They did not seem to really rush to go faster to take care of customers.

I, of course, assumed this was because they were tired, as I would be also running in and out of the restaurant to serve people outdoors.

The appetizer came out and was dropped on our table with nothing more said. I noticed we had no silverware until I realized there was a table in front of the restaurant with a big bucket of silverware that we had to grab for ourselves cafeteria style.

I again want to reiterate that this was never told to us that we need to grab our own silverware. It kind of was just playing it by ear at this point.

I tried the cheese curds. They came with an unusual dipping sauce that was honey mustard. I thought they had an okay flavor, but were a little salty.

I also was able to enjoy a nice show while I was sitting there with my wife. A couple was sitting at the bar area and the guy was belittling and screaming at his girlfriend with every other word being an obscenity.

All of this being heard throughout the whole restaurant because the restaurant is not that large.

The workers and the customers paid no mind to this man at the bar. I had just hoped that he would leave soon because it made the situation very uncomfortable to sit there and listen to this.

I was happy to see that eventually once our food arrived the abusive man with his girlfriend ended up leaving.

I want to make one point here that their motto is everything here is made from scratch and that there are no freezers used on the premises, except for ice cream. I could not imagine that this food was cooked fresh to order with how fast it came out. It was literally under 10 minutes. I am not aware of any chicken that can be fried and cooked to temperature in under 10 minutes.

I tried my buffalo chicken sandwich on the potato bun with coleslaw. The flavor was not good. The buffalo sauce was extremely tangy and not in a savory good way. The chicken was very stringy and did not taste super fresh.

The fries that came with the order did taste good and I could tell that they were hand cut.

My wife’s chicken sandwich was very bland. My wife asked for the spicy aioli sauce on the side. Luckily, she decided to do that because it had an extremely overpowering flavor that would’ve ruined the sandwich.

The sandwich on its own was dry and only had pickles as a condiment.

I do not know why this restaurant gets such a high rating. I assume maybe the dinner menu might be better than the lunch menu.

I also would assume possibly that they have more of a wait staff during the dinner rush because two people is definitely not enough to properly run a restaurant.

I cannot say that I will be returning to Babcock‘s Grove House.

I give Babcock's Grove house a rating of 5 out of 10. I do not see it being worth a second visit.

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