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I do not get the Hype over this Popular Restaurant Chain

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I recently went with my wife to a restaurant that I have seen so much talk about on social media. The big hype is about how good the free bread rolls are.
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I also heard that this restaurant had pretty good food for a decent price.

The restaurant that I am talking about is Texas Roadhouse in Bloomingdale.

This restaurant is a chain that operates multiple locations throughout the country.

I have also heard that Texas Roadhouse gets fairly busy very quickly. I wanted to get to this location pretty close to when they opened to avoid large crowds.
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The restaurant opened at 3 PM. When we arrived in the parking lot it was already getting quite full. The restaurant was packed with people. I want to state that this was also on a weekday.

I entered the restaurant with my wife. The host stand had three very friendly hostesses. I was immediately taken to the back of the restaurant to a table.
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There was no wait even though the restaurant was quite full.

While I was looking over the menu I noticed this is a very kid-friendly restaurant. The restaurant was packed with small children.

The number of children screaming and yelling did not make that great of an experience.

The table next to me had a father with two children, one looking to be around 12 and the other looking to be around 5 or 6. The children shrieked almost to a screaming level. They were playing the free games that were on the credit card reading machine where you pay your bill at the table.
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The father made no attempt to quiet his children, so for my entire meal, I knew I would have to listen to his kids scream.

Our waitress came to our table and she was super friendly and attentive. She immediately gave us bread rolls. The bread rolls came with butter and apple cinnamon-flavored spread.
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The bread rolls were good, but they were nothing that I would think I would need to make a TikTok about to see how good they were.
Hamburger with loaded baked potatoePhoto by Frank S/ChicagoFoodKing.

I ordered their version of the Bloomin’ Onion appetizer. The onion came to our table and it was not bad. It was very overcooked though and some portions were burnt. The dipping sauce for the onion had a horseradish flavor and was very good.

I also had a Caesar salad that was also very good.

I ordered for my main course a cheeseburger and a loaded baked potato. My wife ordered a steak and baby back rib combo that came with a side of corn and a loaded baked potato.
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The food did not take too long to come out.

My hamburger was extremely average. It was just okay. The loaded baked potato was very tasty and had coarse salt on the outside of the skin.

My wife’s steak I personally felt was not that great. It was very oily and the steak tasted just overall below average. My wife thought it was just average. The sides were not bad. The corn was definitely from a can with lots of water in the bowl that held the corn. My wife's potato was also tasty.

The prices of the food I would not really call cheap. I could see why this place would be popular if it had really good food or really good prices, but Texas Roadhouse did not really have either of those things going for it.

The sheer amount of people that were funneling into this place and the noise level was off-putting. The overall average to below-average prices of the food was not special enough to make me want to return.

The overall feel that I got from this restaurant could be compared to a steakhouse Olive Garden. I don’t really know why this restaurant is so popular.

I give Texas Roadhouse a rating of 4 out of 10. I don’t really see anything special about it.

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